Never-Ending Scanning & Printing & Copying

I woke up remembering at least one dream, I went back to sleep without recording it, causing me to forget it, and so now I only remember part of my last dream.

My last dream was one of those never-ending quicksand-like stress work dreams where I was working at The BP Library, stuck in a constant cycle of trying to help the same patron.

I was working in the computer lab helping a male patron with light-color skin who usually comes to the library with his mom, Ms. J.

He needed help copying some documents at the printer, and with using our printer to scan to email those documents.

The documents were in book form, a combination of pages from something along with some copies of pages from something else.

There was confusion on the patron’s part about several things involving what he wanted copied & how, what had already been copied & what had not, and more.

So I asked questions while trying to figure this out while trying to make copies, explain the process to him, and scan to email the documents to him.

It was a constant cycle that would not end, we kept forgetting which pages had been scanned, since we could not separate them.

We had to flip the page & try to adjust it on there & adjust settings because there were different paper sizes used.

My goal was to scan to email all the pages to him, we would download them from his email address, and combine them into one PDF file.

Sometimes I would wake up from the dream and go back to sleep, returning where I left off, and this kept happening; which was disturbing my sleep & starting to cause some low level stress & frustration.

I kept forgetting, my memory was bad in the dream.

Eventually I woke up for good, I never did get to finish helping that patron in the dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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