Space & Another Dimension & A Female Entity

Dream 1

This dream took place in outer space, there were at least two humans traveling in a spaceship, one was maybe a woman with light-color skin, and the other was maybe a man with dark-color skin.

They encountered a humanoid female entity or female alien, I can not remember if she had a spaceship or not, probably not, she was possibly somehow able to travel in space without a spaceship or spacesuit.

She probably had superpowers, she was probably larger than a human, but I can not remember.

She probably seemed more like a goddess, demigoddess, or some kind of other powerful paranormal entity than a stereotype of an alien.

I can not remember what she looked like exactly, other than possibly having somewhat mango / golden / orange / yellow / blonde color skin & hair, and maybe she wore nice airy ancient Middle Eastern-like / ancient Greek-like / goddess-like clothing; but I can not remember.

The humans were possibly winning, I can not remember, I just remember the female entity or female alien opening a portal to another dimension that looked somewhat like outer space, but somewhat different from our version of outer space.

I do not remember seeing stars or planets, there were some lights and colors, different from what we usually expect for our version of outer space.

This seemed to be her dimension or the dimension that she was from, and she was more powerful in this dimension.

The human spaceship was changed when crossing into this dimension, all the weapons probably disappeared, like they were not allowed in this dimension or something.

The spacecraft probably only halfway entered the portal, in case they needed to escape, and they possibly tried to continue their battle with the female entity.

They did not stand a chance this time, she definitely seemed more like a goddess or demigoddess or superhero here and / or she had some control of this dimension.

The humans did not seem to be changed when entering her dimension, but some non-living objects like the spaceship were changed depending on if the objects were weapons or not, probably.

I am not sure what the outcome was, I assume that the humans fled her dimension back into their dimension back in outer space, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I went in and out of this dream as I woke up and went back to sleep several times, and it continued each time from the previous dream, it seemed.

Not only that, but I was there in outer space.

I am not sure why or how or what I was in, and I somehow got to cross over into her dimension through the portal, I assume.

Unlike the other humans in the previous dream, her dimension changed me, which possibly surprised her and made her interested in me.

It was like this was the first time she had possibly finally found someone else like her who was changed by this dimension.

I was not sure if this meant that I was not completely human, was I part whatever she was, or was this change something that could happen to any living things but only happens very rarely?

I am not sure what all changed about me.

Likewise, I am not sure if my appearance changed or not, but I do know that I felt different and changed.

I felt that I had superpowers and / or some control of this place now, and I did not need a spaceship or special suit to be in this outer space-like part of this dimension.

I am not sure if we got to interact or if this next part was just a daydream in the dream, either way, there is a chance that she wanted me to stay in this dimension with her forever; and maybe get married now that she finally met someone like her.

This / her dimension felt very comforting, relaxing, and healing like when you are getting your best sleep in a very comfortable bed at the perfect temperature & time.

It was somewhat like how I imagine a great state of meditation might feel like.

I just wanted to stay there floating & never leave, it possibly felt somewhat like having neutral weight / gravity or no weight / gravity instead of floating.

Being in that / her dimension is probably what it feels like when you are a baby in the womb, like home, like maybe you would imagine it feeling like in an afterlife, or being part of the universe.

I did not feel fear, boredom, isolation, loneliness, or any negative emotions.

I felt all these positive feelings of comfort and healing even when I would briefly wake up in the real world, like I had reached a special state of consciousness / meditation, and like my body was possibly actually being healed.

It felt like moving partly back & forth between her dimension and the outer space dimension of the human world in the dream, and our real world; like I was still partly in that / her dimension even when I would briefly move into the others & other states of consciousness.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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