At A Park With My Brothers & LL

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a fictional park in a fictional version of DeRidder, and I was there with my brothers (except my brother CC).

It felt like the old days when my brothers and I used to spend time together like brothers, it was nice.

At some point, as we were walking in a part of the park near the road, my former female classmate LL stopped her fictional tan truck in the middle lane of the highway to talk to me.

She then parked at the park, and we walked and talked around the park.

We were having a good conversation and a good time, and our connection grew; and I started to have feelings for her.

Eventually, she offered us a ride to a place from a false memory of mine, where I once possibly molded / adjusted a spot / rock or something at the / a park.

As we got close to her truck, I picked her up, and I carried her to her truck; things got a bit flirty.

My brother GC decided to keep walking one of his dogs or something instead of riding with us, and we were going to meet up with him later to pick him & his dog up.

LL’s truck was very clean & in great condition for a somewhat older truck, and it was a single cab truck.

She could drive very good & through very tight places; I remember her reversing through a narrow walled off area to get out of the parking lot.

Unfortunately, our good time & this dream got interrupted when I accidentally woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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