Helena? | A Mafia Trap

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, and I was inside somewhere with an attractive woman with light-color skin with maybe long blonde hair who was possibly named Helena.

I am not sure if she was single or not, and I am not sure if she had children or not; I assumed / hoped that she was single and had no children.

I assume that we were talking and getting to know each other, et cetera.

Furthermore, I remember us having a good conversation, a good time, I was attracted to her, and our connection grew throughout the dream.

At some point, I helped her change out of an athletic jacket, so that she could put a top / shirt / whatever on.

There is a chance that we were outside at this point under a tree that looked like the tree and entrance gate to the boat port / garage at The E House, but I can not remember.

I looked away during this like a gentleman, so I am not sure if she had a bra on or not before putting on a top or a new top, probably not.

I do remember that she seemed to be a little thin & flat, but that might be because of the jacket.

Likewise, I am not sure if she put the jacket back on or not, it was a zip-up Adidas-like polyester and / or cotton jacket with stripes down the sides of both arms.

Shortly after this, I gave her a ride in this fictional town or city that we both lived in.

I had false memories of growing up here in this fictional town or city, it did not seem to be the city of D, but I could be wrong.

We drove past some familiar abandoned formerly nice fancy old European-style stone multi-story houses / mansions that were now falling apart and were somewhat at an angle next to a road slightly higher than it on an incline.

We stopped and parked to walk to the crumbing houses / mansions for a closer look.

It felt too steep and dangerous like they could fall over, I told Helena this, but she walked toward one anyway, so I followed.

I mentioned some of my false memories of how they used to look when I was a kid, and what I knew about them.

She climbed into one of the decaying houses / mansions against my warnings / recommendations to not do so.

I felt parts of the house / mansion tipping as I tried to prevent her from falling.

She was happy and trying to get me to relax as I started to panic.

I accidentally woke up from panicking as it seemed that she was going to fall and part of the house too.

I yelled: “Helena!”, right before waking up while shaking, and I was possibly shaking in the real world when I woke up.

Dream 2

I forgot to record this dream until it was time for me to leave work, so I lost some details.

This dream took place during the day as I eventually traveled through maybe a fictional version of Lake Charles in a fictional part of Lake Charles not far from the boardwalk.

It was a fictional area controlled by a male mafia / gang boss with light-color skin who owned all the businesses in this area.

I did not see him directly, but somehow I had memories or saw how he looked in my mind as people talked about him.

Before this, I possibly boarded a bus or train or something with some other people, and it was passing through Lake Charles on our way somewhere else.

We got stopped during our journey in this fictional area in Lake Charles, and at least some of us were told we would have to spend the night here or something like that.

This area was several stories tall, with winding roads & buildings leading up to the train tracks or highway, like a tourist trap / stop.

There was a motel there at the top floor, it possibly was various floors high, and a man with light-color skin & I were sent to one of the motel rooms with some other people.

It was a dark, dimly lit, rough, and somewhat nasty motel room to my surprise.

I saw numerous cockroaches (roaches) during the dream, and I possibly killed the ones that I saw.

I complained about the roaches to the others and to a man with light-color skin who worked there.

There was no way I was going to spend the night in a nasty motel room with roaches, and I told them this.

The male worker worked for the mafia / gang boss, he was indebted to him, and was forced to handle managing certain tasks & giving advice; and he knew the other man who had been assigned to the same motel room as me.

The other man knew the mafia boss and the male worker, the male worker used to be his mentor, and this was a trap.

It was the mafia boss who had the train or bus diverted and stopped.

I think that the other man owed him some money or something, or they were going to try to make him owe them something; and the mafia boss was going to force him to work for him.

The man’s former mentor did not want to do this, but he was being forced to.

I wanted us moved to another motel because of the roaches, and the mafia drama.

We tried to negotiate, we managed to get the man’s former mentor to negotiate our move to a new motel, and the release of the other man.

The mentor was still trapped working with the mafia, he probably sacrificed himself, and agreed to work off the debt for the other man; and I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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