A Hotel Discount & Goku Black

The last several days in a row, I have remembered two or three dreams, but I failed to record one or more of them; so I only recorded one of my remembered dreams this time.

In this dream, I stayed at a multi-story hotel with most of my family (except my brother CC & his family), on vacation I assume, and I was in a separate hotel room by myself on an upper floor.

I am not sure how many days we stayed there, I just remember the dream from the morning when it was time to check out, and go pay at the front desk downstairs.

When I was about to change clothes before going downstairs to pay at the front desk, a female employee with light-color skin walked into my room.

I found a hotel discount that would save me money on my hotel room, but I had to do something that I can not remember to be able to use the coupon before I take it to the front desk.

I asked the female employee about the hotel discount process to make sure that I followed the proper steps to get the discount, I am not sure what she said.

After she explained the discount process, I started doing whatever the process was, and my mom & some of my family showed up.

For reasons that I can not remember, the female employed stormed away from my hotel room.

Her husband or boyfriend, who also had light-color skin, saw her leaving my hotel room, and he followed her thinking that she was cheating on him.

They walked into a cave-like area, they briefly argued about the situation before then making up and having sex.

While that was happening, I changed clothes while telling my mom about the hotel discount that I was about to use.

My mom told me that they had already used another hotel discount when they paid for their hotel rooms that morning.

The next thing that I remember is watching a video showing different characters.

During the video, there was a scene of an animated character floating in the air during the evening or night above the abandoned house behind my parent’s house that my former male schoolmates EW & SW used to live.

The scene was in live action, but the character was animated.

The animated character seemed to be a male character wearing a martial arts outfit, but the camera was zoomed out too far for me to tell which character it was.

He was menacingly floating in the air in one area in a standing position above the abandoned house facing the direction of my parent’s house.

My brother GC saw me watching the video, and he told that the character was Goku Black (Zamasu); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dragon Ball Super – Official Clip – The Truth of All Things

The end,

  • John Jr

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