[Tag] Make It Anime

The Complete Dune Saga Summary – Books ( 1 – 6 )

What Is It?

This is my response to a blog post by, Moya (Moyatori), called, [Tag] Make It Anime, from her blog, The Moyatorium.

Here were the rules from her post:


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog post.

2. Choose 1 Book, Movie, and TV show of your choice that you think could work as an anime. (A series of books or movies is allowed, e.g., Lord of the RingsHunger Games)

3. If you want to pick more than 1 from each section, that’s fine. Or if you can’t think of one for a specific category, that’s fine also.

4. Explain why you think your choices could work as an anime. Maybe the advent of animation would enhance it, maybe the different anime genres could help expand and improve the story. Just go crazy with it.

5. Link back to the original post, so I can read people’s suggestions, I’d love to read everyone’s ideas.

6. Include Make it Anime in your tags so everyone including myself can find them all easily.

7. Nominate around 5-10 bloggers.

My Thoughts

1. Thank you, Moya, for giving me something to blog about; a blogging challenge, which is easier for me to publish than my pile of un-typed dreams, that I still need to make blog posts for.

2. My vote is for the Dune book series by Frank Herbert (Dune, Dune Messiah, Children Of Dune, God Emperor Of Dune, Heretics Of Dune, Chapterhouse: Dune, the Dune movies (Dune (1984 film)Dune: Part One (2021 film), and Dune: Part Two), and the Dune Syfy TV miniseries (Frank Herbert’s Dune and Frank Herbert’s Children Of Dune).

3. Thank you for the flexibility with this challenge.

4. I think that the YouTube video, Dune Sequels Explained, by the YouTube channel, Alt Shift X, does a good job showing giving an overview of all 6 books, which indirectly shows why making an anime for it makes sense:

Dune Sequels Explained

After watching the video above, can you see why I think that it would work in anime format?

So far no one has brought all the Dune books into TV, movie, or video game format; at this rate they may never cover my favorite books in the series.

I think that anime would be the format to make this finally possible, because it would probably be too expensive & difficult & awkward et cetera to do some things from the books in live action format.

Do not let Sola Digital Arts make the anime, though, do not let them damage another respected franchise until they can prove that they have improved enough to move to major projects like this.

5. I linked back to the original post at the beginning of this post. 😉

6. Thanks, I forgot to add that tag, Make It Anime, I did add the title of the original post as a tag as well.

7. I nominate True George.

The end,

  • John Jr

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