Google Docs Destroyed My Dreams

I just had a super annoying Google Docs glitch that destroyed all of my dreams that I recorded yesterday right before my eyes, with no way to restore them it seems.

I finally recorded my most detailed dreams in over a week, just for it to all get deleted by Google after a strange syncing glitch.

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

Also, for some unknown reason, my setting to have that document be available offline was not set.

I was having some mobile data issues during the night, yesterday morning I restarted my mobile phone, and everything returned to normal.

Before I was about to get in bed tonight, I went to edit that document to be ready for tonight’s dreams, but on my computer my dreams from last night were not there.

I opened my phone and the dreams were there in Google Docs, but when I opened that document on my phone, those dreams disappeared before my eyes when it synced.

Instead of keeping the dreams that were there when it synced, it kept the empty version from when it last synced, I guess.

I am not sure how it went the entire day without syncing like that, and why it decided to delete my dreams.

I tried the undo option, but that did not work.

Not only that, but I tried to look at the revision / activity history; but it shows no changes to that document the entire day except for when it synced & deleted my dreams, only showing no text for that day.

So there is no other option to restore those dreams that I can think of, and I can not remember those dreams now because I went the entire day not thinking about them.

I am super disappointed in Google Docs on this one, now all those dreams are lost, unless I can pull them from my memory.

I guess I need to find an alternative to Google Docs, maybe I will use the app / website or something like that for my dream notes; I might as well because I blog them here anyway.

Anyway, this is super annoying, I actually wanted to blog those dreams.

Fortunately, I am starting to remember some bits & pieces of one of those dreams as I type this, so maybe all will not be lost.

I just remembered & recorded parts of my last dream at least, perhaps some parts of the other dreams will come back to me before I go to sleep.

Google Docs has failed me.

King Kong – Training Day (5/5) Movie CLIP (2001) HD


The end,

  • John Jr

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