I Am Mother

What Is It?

The 2019 Australian science fiction thriller movie I Am Mother.

I AM MOTHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

Here is how Wikipedia describes this movie:

I Am Mother is a 2019 Australian science fiction thriller film directed by Grant Sputore, from a screenplay by Michael Lloyd Green, based on a story by both. Starring Clara Rugaard, Luke Hawker, Rose Byrne, and Hilary Swank, the film follows Daughter, a girl in a post-apocalyptic bunker, being raised by Mother, a robot aiding the repopulation of Earth. The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on 25 January 2019. Netflix released it in several countries on 7 June 2019.

This is how The IMDb describes this movie:

In the wake of humanity’s extinction, a teenage girl is raised by a robot designed to repopulate the earth. But their unique bond is threatened when an inexplicable stranger arrives with alarming news.

I Am Mother – Behind The Scenes
I Am Mother – Netflix Movie Review

My Thoughts

Several years ago, I saw a trailer for this movie that made me want to watch it, but I forgot about it.

Fortunately, I was reminded of it again and finally watched it thanks to me watching a review of it this weekend on YouTube; in a YouTube video called I Am Mother (2019) Netflix Film Review by the YouTube channel Movies And Munchies:

I Am Mother (2019) Netflix Film Review

It is sad that this is Grant Sputore’s only movie that he has directed so far because he did a good job, and he deserves more work.

This movie probably had a lower budget, but it looked higher budget; I am not sure how they did it, but I was impressed.

The visuals were good, the set design was good, the location was good, et cetera.

This movie had a somewhat slower pace without being too slow.

Almost all the characters were female, and it worked well & naturally without standing out / being annoying / et cetera.

This is a movie that everyone can enjoy, male or female, but I imagine it will be even more special for mothers & daughters to watch it together.

This movie had science fiction, mystery, and tension.

It is sad that this movie and director got overlooked because this is among the best Netflix movies that I have seen in a while, but I never heard anyone talk about it.

Clara Rugaard did a good job as the character Daughter.

I liked Rose Byrne’s voice and performance as the character Mother, she was great, and her voice acting / voice was soothing & trusting & motherly & also tense / scary at times.

Hilary Swank was okay, but she had my least favorite performance of the three, surprisingly, and disappointingly.

I definitely recommend watching this movie, I would rate it a 4 out of 5.

The end,

  • John Jr

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