Duncan Sheik’s House | Late For Work

Dream 1

This dream involved my family and I stopping in an area on the outskirts of a town / city with small houses with docks by a lake.

I am not sure how I knew this, but Duncan Sheik owned one of the houses.

Duncan Sheik’s house was one of the houses in good condition, but one or more of the other houses were abandoned, rotten, and mostly fallen apart / collapsed.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream I left my parent’s house for work a little late, it was dark, and it seemed that the electricity was out in some parts of the city.

As I drove toward the train tracks, the train signal arms lowered, and I saw a light crossing the train tracks that I assumed to be a train truck passing by.

The train signal arms raised as I approached, and I drove to & parked in the staff parking lot of a slightly fictional, larger version of The BP Library that was combined with a school.

I found a blue and white wheel / brush with two long handles, and I brought it inside to show my coworker Mr. CF.

Mr. CF joked about me as some of our coworkers like our director Ms. EC, my female coworker JB, and some patrons (female teenagers and some adults) were nearby.

The others were standing in a fictional room near the doorway getting in a circle formation holding hands like Ms. EC was going to lead a prayer & speech.

I joined in, Ms. EC gave a short speech, and then told everyone to take a break for the day.

People stood there not sure what to do, I wanted to say something to my female coworker JB, but Ms. EC & the others were in the way.

A short male patron with light-color skin told me that he possibly recognized me from a library program a few months ago.

Ms. EC joked for everyone to go enjoy their break before she puts us back to work.

I went looking for a computer to clock in, I was already late, and the electricity seemed to be on now.

I walked down the halls with classrooms and other rooms on both sides, which were directly past the library break room & staff entrance.

Furthermore, I walked into several classrooms that had students in them, I checked to see if any computers were available for me to clock in for work; but the computers I saw kept being unavailable.

Either the computers had someone using them or the computer had someone logged in who was not currently at the computers.

A male student with light-medium color skin recognized me at some point, I possibly knew him as well, and we briefly talked.

Then I woke up as I was walking down the halls looking for an open computer in an area for school and / or library and / or medical staff, it seemed.

The end,

  • John Jr

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