Computer Help & A Bad Storm

At some point in this dream, I was walking outside on my way somewhere, but I stopped at a small building along the way.

Inside, I met two women and a man with dark-color skin who needed help with a computer problem, so I stopped to help them.

The man figured out the issue before I could get a chance to look at the issue, so I left back outside to continue my journey.

The next thing that I remember is walking back home to my parent’s house.

At some point when I was inside the house with my family and my brother KD’s girlfriend KC, an assumed bad storm started, possibly a hurricane or tornado.

This part of the dream felt real, the look, the feel, the sounds, the vibrations, et cetera.

The sound outside, super strong wind I assume, was so loud that I could barely hear myself as I yelled for my family & KDC to get away from the windows & take cover in safer areas like the bathroom & hallway.

I could not see clearly out the window really because of water and / or other things on the window and / or moving too fast through the air.

The sound was scary, it sounded like the assumed wind was so strong that any minute something could break the windows, et cetera.

I was not sure if they could hear me yelling at them or not, so I tried to walk closer to where they were.

I could barely walk, the assumed wind or whatever & the vibrations of the house & sound et cetera, seemed to be making it harder for me to walk.

Not only that, but I felt off-balanced and / or like gravity or something was making it harder to move.

I assumed that it was a hurricane or tornado, but it would be even scarier if it was something to do with the rotation of the Earth or something.

As I yelled and struggled to walk to where the others were, I could see that some of them were in the kitchen, some were in the room of my brothers KDC & TDC & KDC’s girlfriend KC.

This dream was so intense and realistic that I accidentally woke up as I continued yelling at them while struggling to walk as I tried to decide to the safest areas for each person to seek cover.

Hopefully, this is not a sign of a storm to come, it is hurricane season where I live.

Two years ago, we got hit with the most damaging & strongest storm that I have ever experienced, which was Hurricane Laura.

The assumed wind in my dream was somewhat like the wind of Hurricane Laura, but stronger & constant & all around us from all angles.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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