JB | A 1970s Science Fiction Movie? | A Store & School

Dream 1

My female coworker JB was in this dream at some point, I assume that we were at work at The BP Library, but I am not sure.

Unfortunately, I can not remember anything else about this dream now because I did not record this dream until later.

Dream 2

This dream involved me being inside what seemed like a 1970s science fiction movie.

I was with some 1970s futuristic assumed soldiers attacking an alien creature controlled futuristic metal facility, maybe on another planet, or a more futuristic version of Earth.

Our leader was an attractive 1970s futuristic style woman with light-color skin with long curly hair with a lot of makeup on.

We arrived in a futuristic vehicle or spacecraft or aircraft, we entered the first part of the facility, and had to deal with explosive traps & the alien creatures throwing grenades & other explosives at us.

This prevented us from entering any further than the first two levels, which were two connected metal buildings with doors.

There was shooting and explosions, and we kept having to retreat from the explosions.

They keep pushing us outside with the explosives.

Most of my fellow soldiers revolted against our female leader, I did not revolt.

Instead of continuing the mission to clear the building, most of my fellow soldiers decided to start making out, and having sex.

We possibly moved to a different area and some elves from the TV show The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power joined us, like Galadriel, I am not sure if they joined the orgy or not; I did not take part in the orgy.

The orgy got attacked by the alien creatures, and they took us hostage.

Then our leader, Galadriel, and I tried to figure out how to save everyone & escape; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Nap Dream

I had this dream in the afternoon when I took a nap.

There is a chance that my female coworker JB was in an earlier, forgotten part of this dream, but I can not remember.

My mom, maybe my brother GC, and I went to a building.

At some point, we got separated, and I was walking through the dark halls of a fictional version of an elementary school of The BP School Board.

The back of the building the school and the front was a store with a layout like Price Lo.

I found a box with one or more items or an item outside a classroom.

I wanted my mom and brother to see it, so I decided to take it to them, and then bring it back.

After find and showing them the item(s), I walked back to put it where I found it, but I could not remember which classroom it had been outside.

While I was trying to figure this out, an overweight female teacher with light-color skin with blonde hair walked up the hallway, and she stopped to talk to me because she did not recognize me.

I told her about my situation, which was a mistake, she made things into a bigger issue than it was, and walked around with me as I tried to figure out where to put it while she lectured me.

I hoped that she was not going to call the police or something, so I tried to play along, and I put it outside what I hoped was the correct classroom.

After this, I then walked to the store area to find my mom and brother, and the store area was oddly crowded.

All the lines were full, and I saw many people outside the building like they were waiting in line for an event.

I heard people talking, and I tried to ask someone what was going on.

A woman with light-color skin started telling me, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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