Saints Row (2022) – Angry Review

What Is It?

The YouTube video Saints Row (2022) – Angry Review by the YouTube channel AngryJoeShow:

Saints Row (2022) – Angry Review

Here is the description for this video:

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AngryJoe Reviews the Reboot of one of his favorite open-world franchises with a once great sense of humor, now completely butchered.

A shell of its former self.

An absolute tragedy.

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My Thoughts

Angry Joe gave the Fake Row Saints Row reboot / Saints Row (2022) the review it deserves, from what I have seen, it is sad that the game developers keep ignoring the feedback of fans.

For years, fans have told them what they like and do not like about the Saints Row franchise, and the developers keep moving the Saints Row franchise in a direction that fans do not like.

From what I have seen, Saints Row (2022), which does not deserve that name because there is only 1 true Saints Row, which is the original, took away some of my favorite aspects of Saints Row; and the so-called gang members look, sound, and act like people wearing Comic Con costumes to parody gang members reimagined as goofballs.

I still would like to play Saints Row (2022), though, but only if I can get it for cheap (under $20) or for free.

I have played and completed all the Saints Row video games except this new one, which I will play when it is cheaper or free eventually.

The end,

  • John Jr

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