Two Young Men Filming Things

This dream took place outside during the day, two young men, one with dark-color skin & one with medium-color skin, were going around filming random things for an online video.

They were going around filming themselves doing random things, and filming random things happening near them.

They had a YouTube channel and / or some kind of social media website that they were going to upload their videos to; and there is a chance that they were live-streaming.

I do know that they would stop and start their video recording depending on whether anything interesting was happening or not.

They were in a neighborhood in maybe a small park-like area at first, and they filmed themselves goofing around there.

As they were leaving, they heard a woman and a man arguing outside a house nearby, so they started recording part of the argument with their camera or phone, barely having the arguing people in view to avoid detection.

The man had light-color skin and was in the driver’s seat of his truck in the street outside the yard of the woman.

The woman had light-color skin with blonde hair, and she was standing in her yard.

It seemed that perhaps they were arguing about something the woman’s child had possibly left in the road or something, but I am not sure.

They were yelling at each other with insults, threats, et cetera.

There was a loud sound of glass breaking on the street or ground, like someone threw something, and then the man drove away angrily.

The two young men were excited and laughing as they continued their journey, knowing that they had recorded some interesting action.

They reached another neighborhood where they saw a thin old man with light-color skin walking out of a house arguing with an obese woman with dark-color skin.

The old man grabbed the woman from behind in a bear hug, it looked like he was going to attack her, so they approached to stop him.

They said something to the man, and he let her go once he saw them.

I was walking behind them, we heard police sirens, we all were worried about the police bothering us, so we tried to act normal as they drove by.

I even fist bumped the old man to look less suspicious to the police.

We should have waved for the police to stop and deal with the old man, but our first thought when hearing the sirens were that the police would probably arrest and / or attack us too.

We continued walking down into a parking lot.

I forgot to type this dream until the day was almost over, so my memory of what happened next is mostly lost.

Something else possibly happened, maybe the police went after someone, I can not remember.

The two young men probably filmed whatever happened, and it was interesting.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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