In Canada With The Prime Minister & A Giraffe Attacks

In this dream, I was in Canada during a gray day with my former male classmate JC and some other people outside a modern multi-story building in a nice city.

An event had just ended, we saw the Prime Minister Of Canada alone outside nearby the building, with no security or anyone.

The Prime Minister Of Canada was like a combination of Justin Trudeau and the character Ben Hawthorne from the TV show Resident Alien.

We comment out loud about seeing the Prime Minister Of Canada, to our surprise, he walked over to greet us.

I tell him that most Americans would be shocked to see the prime minister walking around with no security, et cetera.

During our conversation he started helping us with something, I can not remember what, probably directions or something, because we were tourist visiting Canada for the first time.

To our surprise, we saw a giraffe in a field / park across the street, that the prime minister had walked us to as he gave us directions I assume.

The giraffe started running toward the president and I, so I run across the field / park in a different to draw its attention to me so that the others could escape.

The giraffe was too fast, so it caught up with me, and I dodged it as we got closer to the other side of the field / park where there was a gate / fence & playground with children & their parents.

When I dodged the giraffe, it continued running toward the playground instead of turning around to chase me, so I yelled at it to try to get its attention to prevent it from attacking the children & parents in the playground.

Unfortunately, this did not work, and the giraffe ran / rammed through the kids and parents and playground as I ran to help them.

I saw kids et cetera fly through the air and hit the ground, not moving, and I feared that some of them were dead.

I felt terrible, bad, sad, shocked, and angry as I entered the playground seeing the carnage.

Likewise, I am not sure if any of the parents were injured or not.

Not only that, but I felt like crying, it was difficult seeing children injured like that, but the threat was not neutralized yet; so I was in defense mode, and I prepared myself to kill or be killed.

I took my keys out of my pocket, and I held them in my hand to use them as a melee weapon.

I told the parents to get the children out of here if they could.

The giraffe had run all the way through the playground and out an open gate, and it was turning around for a second attack.

The giraffe was completely out of control and was on a rampage to kill anything it saw.

I stood there staring it down in an attack stance, preparing myself to charge it, as I thought up my plan of attack.

I planned on running at it and dodging near playground equipment to get it to trip, so that I could stab and beat & choke it to death; or dodge and keep stabbing & attacking its legs until it fell, and then I could stab & beat and / or choke it to death.

Likewise, I knew that I was at a huge disadvantage and could die, I did not care that much, I just wanted to protect the children and parents, and I was ready to kill the giraffe or die trying.

The parents and all the children were not cleared from the area yet, so I had to charge the giraffe before it reentered the playground.

I probably yelled as I ran at it, but I accidentally woke up during my life and death battle because of the overwhelming emotions and situation.

The end,

  • John Jr

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