A Strong Old Lady Or Entity?

This dream took place during the day at a multi-story multipurpose hospital-like building that had an actual hospital, a fictional version of The BP Library, and probably more.

The BP Library was on part of the first floor, I was there with some coworkers in a windowless carpeted staff room that was at the end of a hallway; it was near push open double traffic doors that led outside to the back of the building that possibly had a small staff parking lot and / or alley.

My female coworker JB was asleep on the floor in the middle of the room while my other coworkers like Mr. CF, Ms. BJ, maybe AG, maybe Ms. RB, several other coworkers, and I were talking.

At some point, I heard the doorbell ring, so I went to check the double doors that led to the outside.

I saw a little old lady with light-color skin with gray / white hair standing on the other side of the door.

I thought that she was a coworker of mine until I greeted her as I opened the door for her, and I realized that I did not know who she was.

Likewise, I am not sure if she was homeless et cetera or what she said to me exactly.

In a weak old lady voice, she probably said that she wanted to come in, and maybe she wanted help with something or wanted to use the bathroom or something like that; I can not remember.

I let her know that this was a staff area, and that the patron entrance was at the front of the building.

She tried to enter anyway, so I blocked her path, but she still tried.

Now that I think about it, I think that it is somewhat odd that she did not just enter earlier, because those doors can not lock & just be pushed open & they close on their own.

It seemed that she possibly needed someone to give her permission to enter, like old vampire et cetera stories, and I possibly made that mistake when I thought that she was a coworker at first.

So maybe that is why what happened next happened.

After blocking her path and reminding her that I was not allowed to let her in this part of the building, she either grabbed my arm, or I used my arm to block her path.

When I did this, she used her arm as well, and she was scarily strong.

This shocked, confused, and started to scare me.

I wondered how could this little old lady be this strong, and I felt that she was possibly stronger than me.

I immediately sensed that something was wrong, that this old woman was possibly not what she appeared to be, I sensed danger, and I tried to close the door.

She managed to put one of her arms through to stop me from closing the doors all the way, and I tried to hold the doors to stop her from pushing them open.

She was so strong that I yelled for my coworker Mr. CF, our security guard, to help me.

Mr. CF ran from the nearby room where I had been earlier, and he helped me hold the door as I explained the situation.

We were struggling to keep the doors closed as the old woman rammed the door, yelling to let her in a probably demonic-like scary voice.

We managed to hold the doors as she continued ramming it, yelling in a demonic-like voice like in a scary movie.

Imagine something like this:

Legion (2/10) Movie CLIP – Granny’s Got Teeth (2010) HD

She clearly was not what she appeared to be, I was not sure if she was demon possessed or something or if she was some kind of evil entity disguising itself as an old frail little woman.

I put my back to the doors to help keep them closed as I probably had Mr. CF go get our other coworkers to safety, and maybe call the police / security for the other parts of the building.

I focused on holding the doors as long as I could to keep her or it at bay, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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