Grabbed By An Arm | A Coworker’s Daughter | Jumping & Gliding & Flying

Dream 1

I had this dream on the living room couch after briefly falling asleep after watching anime on Toonami.

At the end of the dream I was in and out of sleeping, dreaming, and waking up inside the dream itself.

Basically, I was moving back and forth between a dream within a dream.

I would wake up from one dream back into another dream where I was sleeping on a couch or bench in a strange somewhat white / gray, possibly partly carpeted room.

The room was not a bedroom, it was possibly more like a family room or public room in a house or building, probably in a corner-like area.

Weird things started to happen, like possible hallucinations, as I would wake up still in a dream, not realizing that I was still dreaming, so a false awakening dream.

In the false awakening dream that I kept returning to from the other dream, is where the odd things probably started to happen.

I felt a presence starting to creep in, and I possibly experienced partial sleep paralysis in this false awakening dream.

The last time that I woke up into the false awakening dream, I was possibly experiencing partial sleep paralysis.

In the corner of my eye I saw what looked like an impossibly thin pale arm near me, my vision was blurry in that area, because I probably could not turn my head completely to see it.

I thought that I was hallucinating from jumping back and forth between sleeping, dreaming, and waking up; but the thin pale arm grabbed my arm to my surprise and confusion.

The arm was surprisingly strong and / or I was just weak because I was probably mostly paralyzed.

I started to panic as I fought to free my arm from the grip of the super thin pale arm.

I am not sure if the arm was connected to a body or not because I woke up before I could free myself of its grip and from the assumed partial paralysis so that I could get a better look.

This time I woke up in the real world finally.

In the corner of my eye, I possibly briefly partly saw something small & gray or pale to the left of the couch that I was sleeping on in the real world.

It was probably just my eyes trying to adjust to waking up suddenly from panicking in the dream and / or an optical illusion and / or a hallucination; but who knows.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place at a fictional outdoor version of The BP Library.

The young daughter of a female coworker of mine who either was or reminded me of my former female coworker DC walked over to me with a small handheld electronic device that was folded.

It had a message on the screen warning that: maybe it was locked by a certain person with a male first name starting with a J that was the same first name as a cousin of mine and the same last name as me; so the initials JC.

I asked her if she recognized the name, she said yes, and that he was a classmate of hers.

I asked if she had let him use the device, she probably said yes.

Furthermore, I asked some questions to see if it was my male cousin JC, and it probably was.

My female coworker got a phone call from her desk, so I told her daughter what I thought was going on.

Then I waited for my female coworker to finish her phone call, so I could tell her and asks some questions.

Then I would see if I could help, but I woke up.

Dream 3

Part of this dream took place during the day, and it involved most of my family and I staying at a modern multi-story building in a downtown-like area with sidewalks & somewhat tall buildings.

The building that we were staying at had been abandoned and turned into a building that you could rent temporarily for events et cetera.

My family and I were going to spend a few nights there, it seemed.

This city was possibly a very fictional nicer, more modern version of the city of D, but I am not sure.

While this building was small for a building with several floors, it was huge for someone considering using it as a house, so there was enough space for all of my family & their kids et cetera to live there.

We walked around, exploring the various floors of the building, and through the windows you could see people et cetera walking outside on the sidewalks.

At some point, I left on foot until I reached quieter parts of the city that felt like a fictional version of the areas past The BB Grocery Store on Eastside.

I saw some fenced yards, something that I can not remember caught my attention, and I went into one of the yards.

It seemed that no one was home at the time at this house or the two houses on both sides of it.

When I was at the back of the yard about to leave, the owners were returning by automobile, so I jumped the back fence into the alley behind it.

It was a 6-foot fence, so I had to climb and jump over.

When I jumped, something interesting happened, I am not sure if the dream went semi-lucid or not, but I realized that I could jump higher than normal & float & glide & maybe somewhat fly.

I ran up the alley, jumped higher than normal, and glided over some chickens & two porcupine-like animals.

The animals did not get scared when I glided / flew over them, they only slightly responded, then returned to foraging for food.

I then continued running, jumping, gliding, and flying until I reached the area near the building that my family and I were temporarily renting.

Then I either called my former male classmate DH or he called me, or we met by accident; either way, he possibly showed up, and we possibly walked & talked in the area before going back to the building.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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