HBO Cancels Westworld Before What Was To Be Its Final Season

What Is It?

‘Westworld’ Cancelled At HBO After 4 Seasons | No Season 5

The news article HBO Cancels Westworld Before What Was To Be Its Final Season by Ars Technica.

Here is an excerpt for this article:

HBO surprised its subscribers and the TV industry on Friday by announcing that it has canceled the big-budget science-fiction series Westworld just a few months after its fourth season concluded, Variety reports.

The series, which has received 54 Emmy nominations during its run, was intended to end with its fifth season, according to recent statements from its two showrunners, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

The husband-and-wife creative couple had a specific ending in mind that now won’t make it to the screen, though many viewers felt that the ending of the fourth season also worked as a conclusion.

Several reasons contributed to HBO’s decision, including high production costs, declining viewership, and sliding critical response amid an overall effort to cut costs at the newly formed parent company Warner Bros. Discovery.

Westworld set records when it first premiered, but its viewership declined with each season, with the recently aired season four experiencing an especially sharp drop.

My Thoughts

Rest in peace, Westworld.

Even though Westworld was getting worse and worse each season after the amazing season 1, I still think that it deserved a chance to have its final season.

Westworld Season 1 Official Trailer (2016) | HBO (MATURE)

I watched every season, and I even saw the finale for Westworld (Season 2) at a hotel in New Orleans during my first work trip ever; so this TV show has a special place in my memories.

It had a unique and good opening credits, I need to make a post for each one, and Anthony Hopkins had the best dialogue in the series.

Westworld Season 1 Opening Credits | HBO

I recommend that you at least watch Westworld (Season 1), season 2 is my second favorite of the series, you do not need to watch season 3 or season 4, they are the worst two seasons; but they are still watchable if you do decide to watch them too.

The end,

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