Housing Complex C

What Is It?

The 2022 Japanese anime horror TV miniseries Housing Complex C.

OFFICIAL TRAILER: Housing Complex C | Toonami | adult swim

Here is how Wikipedia describes this anime TV miniseries:

Housing Complex C (Japanese: C団地, HepburnC Danchi) is a Japanese anime television miniseries that aired in the United States on Adult Swim‘s Toonami programming block in October 2022.

Kimi Shirokado is an eccentric little girl who lives at a low-cost housing complex in the seaside town of Kurosaki.

During the summer, she befriends city girl Yuri Koshide when her family moves in from Tokyo along with Middle Eastern fishing interns.

A series of strange events soon occurs, from dead animals appearing on the property to tenants mysteriously disappearing with moss growing inside their apartments.

Housing Complex C is weird…

My Thoughts

My brother GC and I watched this anime miniseries on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Toonami block.

We had somewhat higher hopes for this anime after seeing the trailer for it.

It started like it had potential, unfortunately, it slowed down like it was going to have more episodes, and then it abruptly ended in a nonsensical convoluted mess that left us: wondering what we had just watched & why & what was the point.

The animation was better than the previous Adult Swim anime production, but it is a shame how this anime ended up being mostly pointless.

At least it was short, it had a few creepy & disturbing moments, and it did something unique by have more elderly Japanese citizens & some themes of xenophobia / racism / ethnocentrism / bias / religion / et cetera.

The end,

  • John Jr

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