Something Weird | An Imposter

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that something weird happened, and some of my family and I ended up at a house during the evening or night.

My male cousin EE joined us at this house, maybe we were going to spend the night there or were seeking shelter there.

There is a chance that some kind of disaster happened before this, I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream, I was in and at a college, and several times during the dream I visited the dorm or apartment room of a male student with light-color skin who also went to the same college as me.

Usually when I would visit, a female college student with light-color skin from our college would also be there visiting him.

His dorm or apartment was inside a large main college building with lobbies et cetera, and his room was not that far from the main very large lobby.

One day during the dream, I went to his room, but no one was there; and I possibly washed my hands and / or took a bath and / or used the bathroom and / or something.

As I was leaving the room, I was confronted the female college student who would often visit the male student, a male student claiming to be the real student who lived in this room, and an overweight male college campus police officer with light-color skin.

I learned that the male student that the female student and I would visit was an imposter, he somehow looked like the real student, like maybe he was a shapeshifter or something.

The female student knew him before I did, and the imposter even fooled her with how much he looked & sounded like & acted like the real male student.

The police officer angrily accused me of knowing this and being part of this impersonation, et cetera, and he started interrogating me angrily & loudly.

They believed that the imposter was possibly a werewolf or some kind of other paranormal entity, and that he was probably responsible for some other more serious crimes (maybe murders and attacks) that had happened recently.

The police officer was very mean and treated me like I was guilty, so I argued back, and I gave a speech to the crowd of students walking by.

I recommended that we gather together and start guarding and patrolling outside during the evening & night.

I did this to draw away suspicion on me and to distract them while I try to figure out if the imposter was involved in other serious crimes.

There is a chance that I possibly knew or felt that there was something unique / special / not right about the imposter, perhaps I knew or suspected a secret about him, perhaps I had a secret too.

Perhaps we were both werewolves and / or shapeshifters and / or had paranormal / special powers (abilities), but I am not sure.

If so, that was another reason that I needed to distract them, try to gain their trust, and try to figure out what was really going on.

Especially if there was really something paranormal about the imposter and I, and if he was involved in more crimes besides impersonation.

The dream went from looking like current day to looking somewhat medieval or one of the time periods after that, even the outside looked like a medieval-like town with brick walls and alleys et cetera.

We formed our security guard / patrol / militia / neighborhood watch / whatever, and we made makeshift towers and shields.

I was mostly leading the effort, trying to gain their trust and keep them distracted and under control because they were ready to hunt down and kill / lynch the imposter.

So I was trying to prevent them from carrying out vigilante justice, but I did want to find out who was behind the other alleged crimes and bring them to justice.

We made the makeshift watch towers and shields from random junk wood & objects, and we came up with a pretty clever way to arrange them together.

They then wanted weapons, a fictional woman I knew recommended silver, because they suspected a werewolf and / or another paranormal entity / creature was involved with the crimes.

She recommended that we carry simple kitchen silverware (knives, forks, et cetera) as weapons.

This fictional woman, I knew, seemed to know or sense something about the imposter and maybe I, maybe she was unique & had a secret too; so we nodded at each other like we both had an understanding & were on each other’s side.

Her suggestion seemed to be meant to keep them using smaller simple makeshift silver weapons to reduce the chances of people getting hurt & killed, to make them feel that the silver had the power to help them slay the beast, and maybe help if there really was a werewolf or something paranormal that could be hurt by silver.

I remember giving out orders, helping with the makeshift towers & shields, walking up the towers, testing shields, making sure that everyone patrolled in groups, et cetera.

I then started to do a patrol with the fictional woman I knew so that we could talk secretly, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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