Little Caesars Pizza & JB & MR & AG In The Break Room

This dream involved me going to work at a fictional version of The BP Library, and my mom or my brother GC gave me a Little Caesars pizza.

I went to a fictional version of the break room and my female coworkers JB, MR, and AG entered the break room talking.


John Jr’s 2022 Anchor Podcaster Wrapped?

What Is It?

My Anchor 2022 Podcaster Wrapped (John Jr’s 2022 Anchor Podcast Year In Review) for my Anchor Podcast, which is a text-to-speech podcast of my blog posts?

Here is how Anchor (Spotify) describes this:

2022 Podcaster Wrapped

Your very own Wrapped is still available for John Jr’s Anchor Podcast.

Don’t miss out on a look at your 2022 podcasting milestones!

It’s that time of year already—your 2022 Podcaster Wrapped is here.

While this annual moment has become a mainstay at Spotify, this year’s Wrapped is truly about self-expression, playfulness, and celebrating the one-of-a-kind connection that brings creators and fans together.

Podcaster Wrapped is the perfect opportunity to press pause and delight in the results of your hard work—whether it’s a big win, a meaningful fan interaction, or the moment you went viral.

All of it is worth celebrating, sharing, and learning from, and we’re here to break it down.

Your 2022 Podcaster Wrapped is a treasure trove of growth insights and data.

Within your own Wrapped, you might discover:

  • How many minutes of new content you created this year 
  • The moments your listenership peaked the highest 
  • Fresh insights on fan behavior, like how many top fans you’ve gained