AG & OM Get Angry & Getting Questioned By LJ’s Dad

I had more dreams, but I did not record them and I forgot all of them except for my last dream.

In part of this dream I was working at a fictional version of the library that I work at in the staff areas in the back, and I met some of my coworkers like my female coworker JB.

I can not remember my interactions with JB et cetera, though, and at some point I went to the room of my female coworker AG.

AG and our Library OM were in the room, and I stopped to talk with them.

At some point our OM got angry at AG for something that was said, a simple misunderstanding, and our OM started angrily mumbling under her breath which then angered AG.

Not only that, but I tried to say something to help the situation, but that failed & AG got up quietly and angrily, looking bigger and stronger and scarier / more intimidating.

AG paused, like she had to stop herself from saying or doing something out of anger, standing there quietly / angrily / scarily / intimidatingly.

It was intense & a little scary, like someone close to exploding, and it is taking everything they have to prevent that.

Her face started turning a little red, her facial expression became serious, her body became tense, and her posture became aggressive / animalistic (gorilla-like) & like a person with their arms down in a preparing to fight position / squaring up position.

I knew not to say anything, I could feel the danger, and I hoped that AG would calm down enough to leave the room to finish calming down.

I stood there quietly near her not moving, just watching closely, gauging the danger level, so I could predict how I should respond.

AG then walked out of the room and I followed her quietly, waiting for a moment to ask her if she wanted some water or something, and then see if I could help her calm down.

After that situation, which I can not remember the results, I then went to the patron areas out front to check on things and see if any patrons needed help.

I saw my former female classmate LJ and her dad and her brother sitting on a bench dressed nicely in dress clothes.

I was wearing my usual semi-dress (business casual) work clothes (while at work, I do not dress like that at home 😉 ).

I greeted them and LJ’s dad started questioning me like a father trying to figure out if you are a good match to date / marry his daughter or something like that.

One topic that I know he asked me about was my job, and how I liked working at the library and how long I have worked there, et cetera.

At some point, they said goodbye, and they left the library.

Then I went to a nearby hotel or apartment or store / business, and I possibly gave an employee who helped me a tip or something like that; unfortunately, I forgot the details, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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