Work | Telekinesis Orphan | Getting Shocked

Dream 1

I think I had a work dream at the BP Library because I think that I remember interacting with / talking to my female coworker JB and maybe some other people; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

Part of this dream involved maybe an orphan girl with dark-color skin and her brother who also had dark-color skin, they were possibly at an orphanage.

A man with light-color skin possibly wearing a suit arrived at their assumed orphanage, and he worked with a secret group who finds / recruits / collects / hires / raises / tests / trains / et cetera people with powers / superpowers / special abilities.

I am not sure if this secret organization was part of the government or military or a corporation or secret society, et cetera.

The man adopted / whatever the girl & her brother, in reality it was the secret group, and they wanted the girl to work for them.

I am not sure if she knew this already or not, but the girl had telekinesis; and she was very powerful, but I am not sure if her brother had superpowers / special abilities or not.

The man took them to a facility controlled by the secret group he worked for, they had scientific labs et cetera, and they wanted to test the girl.

They tested her abilities, trying to gauge how powerful she was, and whatever other research they were working on.

They had her do various tests with her powers, I remember her lifting and throwing things with her mind, et cetera.

She impressed them with her powers, especially since she had no training, so they seemed excited to see if they could help her become more powerful & learn to better control her powers.

It seemed that this secret group also had people with superpowers doing secret missions for them, probably assassinations / spying / et cetera using their powers to further their goals, but that was my assumption.

The girl was not interested in any of this, she just wanted a better life for her brother, she only went along with this as long as they took care of her brother; so that he could live a better life than they had so far.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In this dream, I was in an inside and outside area during the day in the city of D where Dollar General should be; but there were two buildings on opposite sides of each other with a covered catwalk between them.

There was a class or something that I was there for, there were classrooms in one or both buildings, and my class went outside with our instructor or teacher or professor who was a man with light-color skin.

We stood under the catwalk between both buildings, and a man with light-color skin who was probably an instructor in another class was in the building on the parking lot side.

He was able to shock the walls and doors, but I am not sure if he was using a taser or something else, or if he had superpowers.

Our class assignment was to each, one at a time, touch the walls or doors, and let the man shock us from the other side to see how we react to getting tased / shocked.

During this assignment, most of my classmates fell to the ground and / or reacted dramatically to getting shocked or tased.

I did not fall or react dramatically, when I asked the instructor if I could join him when it was his turn to get shocked.

Unlike the other students, I touched the walls and doors several times, because I felt nothing at first.

I felt nothing the first two times that I got shocked, then I felt a minor current the third time, and on the last time I felt it at the bottom of my feet causing a minor muscle spasm at the bottom of my feet.

This caused me to slight shift my feet, but that was it.

I then wondered if I was somehow shock resistant and I wondered if I had superpowers or something, but I woke up as I thought about this.

The end,

  • John Jr

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