Martin Lawrence As Death From Above | A Decaying Mansion

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, with me walking through a parking lot near a field where groups of dangerous-looking people were gathering.

It seemed that maybe some gangs, assassins, and other similar groups were gathering in the parking lot & the field; and I happened to be walking through this area.

Before the gathering could even start, it got attack by a feared assassin named Death From Above, who was / was played by the actor Martin Lawrence.

Death From Above (Martin Lawrence) drove up nearby in a large, very customized truck that was basically modified into a killing machine, where he could attack without leaving the truck.

Death From Above (Martin Lawrence) started shooting up the place with and from his truck, he somehow could shoot bullets & small explosives and other things into the air, and down on the area.

It seemed that this gathering had a rule / code where there could be no violence et cetera or there would be serious consequences, so this attack caught everyone by surprise.

These dangerous-looking groups of people, some or most of whom, were armed, actually started to get scared & overwhelmed by this surprise attack & the barrage of bullets & small explosions.

They did not stand a chance, and there was not that much cover to hide under or behind.

I ran around, dodging, and temporarily taking cover between barrages of the attacks from above et cetera.

I could not hide behind cover for long, the barrages of bullets & explosions were destroying cover, forcing me to move from cover to cover.

Likewise, I even used a tree in the field as cover, I watched as the tree got torn apart from the bullets & explosions, and I saw people being shot & exploded.

Death was really raining from above, Death From Above (Martin Lawrence), was enjoying himself as he massacred everyone that he could from the safety of his killer truck.

He was like an artist with his murder spree, his attacks seemed timed and done artistically, the attacks from the above were kind of beautiful in their terror before rained down on us.

I probably woke up as I was escaping the area or as I was almost at the end of the field where I could run across a street past buildings.

Dream 2

In this dream, my mom and I passed through a poor community with apartments and businesses, and I had false memories of this community.

As we walked through the outdoor businesses et cetera near the apartments, I talked with a short older Asian woman with who worked and lived in this community.

We talked about the community, her, her business, and some of my memories of this place.

She probably told me about some of the cultures there, there was a larger Asian culture there than usual, people from Spanish-speaking countries, people considered to be black, some people considered to be white, et cetera; basically pretty diverse.

Even though the community was poor, it seemed pretty safe, and there was a sense of community.

She mentioned a nearby decaying castle-like mansion where a kind old couple with light-color skin used to live who used to help the community until they died.

I had false memories of the mansion and the old couple, they were considered distance family members of mine or almost, and I had memories of visiting them with my family back when I was a kid.

I remembered them being nice, and I remembered that I used to explore the mostly unused parts of the mansion where paranormal & supernatural things would often happen; which were basically memories of past dreams of this place.

My mom and I went to the mansion expecting it to be abandoned, but some of the old couple’s family was living there.

It was an adult son and his mother, who both had light-color skin.

We told them who we were, how we knew the old couple who used to live there, and how we used to visit them; and how we were possibly distance family members or practically family members.

They let us in, and we sat in the living room talking with the son, who was wearing a fancy flamboyant robe and pajamas, and he had a flamboyant personality.

Oddly, it somewhat seemed like he was interested in me or something, even after telling him that we were probably distance family members of theirs.

I could have misinterpreted this because of his flamboyant personality, and / or he somehow did not realize that I was heterosexual (straight).

I remember telling him about some of my memories of having visited the older couple in the past, et cetera.

But at some point he shifted to acting crazy and accusing me of doing things that I did not do, and he started threatening me.

This happened out of nowhere for no clear reason, like Ezra Miller gone wild, so my mom and I got up to leave; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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