A Rich Man Pays Me To Open A Tomb / Sarcophagus

Dream 1

I had one or more dreams of fixing computers for people, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or these dreams.

Dream 2

The end of this dream involved a man and I teaming up by chance to go explore what we thought was some abandoned property that was connected to a warehouse by a tunnel or hallway.

It seemed to be evening or night, we started exploring, and to our surprise there were heavily armed & armored guards protecting the property.

So we then realized that we were trespassing, as we were trying to leave, an alarm went off, I guess we triggered the security system or a guard saw us through a security camera.

We split up during our escape attempt, and I used a river that crossed through the property to hide from the guards.

I sneaked back to the building that was connected to the tunnel or hall that went to the warehouse.

Soaking wet, I crawled on the floor behind a male guard with light-color skin guarding the open front entrance, and I stopped as two male guards walked in front of me toward the other guard.

I laid there on my stomach in the water dripping from my clothes, hoping that they would not see me, and fortunately they did not see me.

While they were distracted, I crawled quietly until I reached the door to the tunnel or hallway, and I quickly entered it to run to the warehouse.

To my surprise, I was greeted by a rich man with light-color skin wearing a suit who was possibly of European and Asian ancestry and his female assistant / bodyguard.

The rich man told me that he was impressed that I had sneaked in and out of his property like that, I apologized, explaining that we had thought that it was abandoned.

He told me that he needed someone with skills like I had displayed during my escape, he offered me a job, basically an offer that I could not refuse I sensed, so I accepted his offer.

He had his female assistant / bodyguard take me to a building near his old castle-like mansion by the river that you reached by a land bridge.

His castle / mansion looked like an ancient castle / mansion where an old, dangerous, and rich family and / or vampires would live.

The small building was like a fancy old European museum with gold trim & off-white color walls, guarded by killer / assassin acrobatic female cheerleaders who wore cheerleader uniforms and did some flips to try to intimidate me.

Each exhibit that was on displayed was locked behind gold bars, basically fancy jail cells, and some of the exhibits were living things including maybe some people.

The killer cheerleaders and the female assistant / bodyguard did not say anything, but I could see from their facial expressions & body language that them showing me this was a warning.

A warning that I could end up imprisoned / displayed here as an exhibit if I did not do my job, et cetera.

I was then taken outside where the rich man, alone, walked me outside to a nearby field to a mound where something was mostly buried; and somehow it was day now.

It was a small, mostly buried graveyard-like area away from the property.

It seems to be a house that was slowly buried along with one or more tombs and maybe many people who(m) he called family.

Who were people, like me, he had hired over the years in place of family, I assumed most or all of his real family were dead, and that all of his dead hired family & real family were possibly buried here.

He told me some vague stories about this past, his family, the mostly buried house, et cetera.

He then told me that my job was to open a stone tomb-like / sarcophagus-like structure that was there, he did not say what it was, just that my only job was to open.

I assumed that once I opened the tomb-like thing that I would get paid, that would be the end of my job, and I could continue my life as normal.

So I accepted the job, the rich man returned to his castle / mansion, and the man who had joined me earlier to explore his property walked over to join me on this job.

He had been captured and offered this job too, it seemed, so now we were working together once again; so that we could leave, and return to our normal lives.

The man and I heard strange, deep / throbbing / pulsing, muffled, scary / evil sounds / music coming from deep below the tomb / ground that sounded somewhat like the sounds (not the voice) / music from The Black Door from The Elder Scrolls video games:

Dark Door Sithis Dark Brotherhood + Ambience OST (Skyrim)

It was so deep that we could not really make out the sounds / music too well.

Our first reaction was that it was something evil / scary / strange / paranormal / supernatural, like a doorway / gateway to hell / hades / et cetera, and that we should turn down the job & leave immediately.

But turning down this job seemed that it would lead to our imprisonment or death, and we were getting paid good for this job, I assumed.

So we tried to tell ourselves / hope that maybe it was some kind of natural phenomenon that we falsely assumed to be scary sounds / music.

We opened the tomb-like / sarcophagus-like structure, to our shock / confusion / horror, and a skeleton came out of it.

The skeleton chased either the man or someone else who was walking in the field, and it was very fast.

It attacked someone, biting them, they turned into what I assumed was a zombie, and they ran very fast after someone else to attack & turn them too.

I or the man and I ran for our lives, once again splitting up, as maybe more zombies / skeletons came from the tomb and / or there were just more zombies because of more people getting infected turned.

There was chaos, with crowds of people running and getting attacked and turned into zombies.

I ran across a field, a road, train tracks, and near woods as I could see & hear the zombies running fast behind us attacking people & chasing the rest of us.

The zombies were spreading quickly, the situation was out of control, and they were running after us at full speed.

I was not sure which direction I should run, the zombies were so fast, that if you picked the wrong direction, you could be caught or trapped very easily.

I feared what would happen if they reached the city, how fast it would spread when thousands of people get infected / turned, and I accidentally woke up from the panic.

The end,

  • John Jr

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