Alice Morgan Gets Extorted | A Prank Gone Wrong | Son Lux – Prophecy

Dream 1

Part of this dream involved something about genealogical DNA tests and my ancestry, and maybe the ancestry of some other people.

Another part of this dream involved the character Alice Morgan (played by the actress Ruth Wilson) from the TV show Luther getting extorted (blackmailed) by a man with light-color skin to do one or more missions.

The man threatened a young male family member of Alice Morgan, maybe he was holding him hostage & threatened to kill him if she did not do what he said, and that is how he extorted her into working for him.

I assume that he wanted Alice to probably assassinate one or more people and / or steal something and / or to spy for him, but that is just my wild guess.

Whatever it was, it was a mission that fit her skill set / personality / et cetera.

I am not sure if she did this before or after her mission, but Alice faked her death.

So whatever her mission was, it must have been serious and / or she did that to get out of doing the mission with plans to try to save her young male family member & kill the man who was extorting her.

Alice did not tell John Luther about the situation or her plans or that she was going to fake her death, probably to protect him.

So he did not know what happened, and that Alice had faked her death.

After hearing the news that Alice Morgan had allegedly died, John Luther’s detective partner / coworker Ian Reed and a female coworker of theirs with light-color skin called John by phone to meet them outside.

They were going to tell John that Alice was allegedly dead, they knew that he would not take the news very well.

So they wanted to meet him in a random location away from the police station & witnesses & cameras et cetera.

They met outside during the day in a random location, and they told John the bad news.

John did not take the news very well as expected, he assumed that his partner Ian Reed had murdered Alice, John pulled his handgun out, and he pointed it at Ian.

Their female coworker did the same thing, she pointed her handgun at Ian, she sided with John, also suspecting that Ian had murdered Alice.

Unfortunately, I am not sure what happened with that situation.

Later in the dream, I was walking outside during the day along a sidewalk, and up ahead I saw some family members from my mom’s side of the family having a family gathering outside / inside a building.

I did not feel like being seen by them or going there, at least not yet.

Instead of walking to the family gathering, I stopped at a Sonic-like restaurant with outdoor seating in a stadium style, but small like at a little league baseball field.

While there, my aunt HC stopped me, she asked me which am I, which of my parents children I was, because she was not sure because I was wearing a cloth face mask.

I told my aunt HC that I was John Jr, we briefly talked, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, possibly in another country at a small convention center where a maybe YouTube or YouTube-like convention was going on.

The small convention center had a hotel, restaurant, and more.

I was there walking around, probably attending the convention, and I probably had a hotel room as well.

At some point, I walked past the front desk to go outside, and I walked under the covered outdoor entranceway where people temporarily park & get dropped off at et cetera.

I saw several YouTubers outside, some on foot and some in parked automobiles, one of whom was BennettTheSage who was sitting in a car.

I walked over to Bennett The Sage’s car to talk to him.

While I was talking to him, another male YouTuber with light-color skin from perhaps Australia, who was sitting in another car, had something explode inside his car, causing him to fall out of it.

Several other things happened at the same time to several other nearby YouTubers.

Someone had set off a prank on all of them, possibly remotely, basically prank traps or something.

Fortunately it was not a bomb, it was probably some kind of air trap or seat trap, that was accidentally more powerful than planned.

It was still a dangerous situation, his seat had somewhat exploded, fortunately for him, he fell out, and was not hit by any debris.

He was very shaken up and angry, he reported the situation to the employees at the front desk, along with the other YouTubers and I.

The employees probably called security and the police, and they started investigating as they waited for them to arrive.

Somehow, the employees had a name for the suspected prankster, they said the first & last name, but I can not remember what it was.

He was a young man from another country, maybe a Muslim country in the Middle East / somewhere else in Asia, but I can not remember.

I woke up as we waited for emergency services.

Dream 3

I possibly had a dream where I was dating and / or married to a woman whose name I can no longer remember, and I can not remember what she looked like, unfortunately.

Not only that, but I also remember hearing part of the song Prophecy by Son Lux either during part of this dream and / or during another dream & in my mind shortly after waking up one or more times.

Son Lux — “Prophecy” (Official Audio)

The end,

  • John Jr

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