A Motel Worker Getting Harassed By Her Boss

I had more dreams, I did not record them, so now I only remember part of my last dream.

This dream took place in a conservative country somewhere in perhaps the Middle East / Asia at a motel where rich tourists often stayed at.

Each day, some motel employees would do a cleaning performance outside on the drains and the flower petal holders outside each motel room.

The motel rooms were all around a courtyard of grass & plants et cetera.

The drains were probably for the air conditioners, and the flower petal holders were probably by the air conditioners to pull in the fresh flower smell.

The cleaning performance / ceremony would be performed with the worker on their knees et cetera, and it seemed that the most desperate and / or poor employees were given this job.

All the employees who did this job were probably citizens of this conservative country.

The cleaning performance / ceremony seemed to be done to make the motel guests feel special and even more upper class / rich, et cetera.

This part of the dream started with a male employee with medium-color skin with black hair doing the cleaning performance / ceremony.

Watching from their motel room windows was a rich husband and wife and their young child, who all had light-color skin, and were tourists from a Western country.

Their kid enjoyed the cleaning performance / ceremony, and the husband and wife seemed to feel like they were special & above us peasants (lower class people).

Nearby, a short haired female motel employee with medium-color skin with black hair was also doing the cleaning performance / ceremony outside another motel room; but no one seemed to be watching her performance.

Somehow I knew that the woman was homosexual or bisexual, and she had to be careful & keep this secret in this conservative country.

That was probably part of the reason that she had this job, she probably got rejected by her family and / community who had learned her secret, or she left to avoid them learning the truth.

I was not in the dream, somehow I could hear or know her thoughts, and she thought about her girlfriend and / or her ex-girlfriend during her performance.

She got approached by her male boss, who was an obese man with medium-color skin with black hair wearing fancy traditional clothing of this country along with a turban that was wrapped in a Sikh-like style.

A male coworker and a female coworker, who both had medium-color skin with black hair, of hers who were her boss’s followers, were also with him.

For reasons unknown, the boss, and his followers did not like the female employee; and they were there to harass / bully her it seemed.

The boss, indirectly, told / demanded the female employee to perform oral sex on him now in the courtyard with people around, if she wants to keep her job.

There was no way that the woman was going to do that, even though she really needed this job, so she needed to figure out a way out of this situation.

She really needed this job because it was very difficult for someone like her to get a job, she barely had gotten this job, since it was a job that only the desperate & poor usually did.

At this point, I possibly combined with the woman, like my consciousness combined with hers, or I was even more connected with what she was thinking & feeling & I somehow was able to influence her thinking.

I will use We / Us to refer to the woman now, since I seemed to be connected with her mind.

I was still me & she was still herself, but it was like the two of us were sharing her body / mind.

We decided to try to make her boss feel in charge & make them feel that their bullying was working, so we got on our knees, asking to keep our job.

We thanked him for giving us this job, we reminded him: how we were good employees, how this was an inappropriate request, how we would not do that, that there were other people around, et cetera.

Furthermore, we continued to refuse his command / demand while begging on our knees basically degrading ourselves for their amusement, but he still would not give up.

So we stood up and put an arm on his shoulder, we started to give a speech to hopefully get us out of this situation, and this started to work.

I woke up before I could see if we succeeded in keeping our job while refusing his demand.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


    1. Hello Moya,

      Your comment was a pleasant surprise, it has been a while since someone commented, and it is good to hear from you. 🙂

      Yeah! Even more interesting, weird, confusing, unclear, et cetera when you either become someone else temporarily and / or combine / fuse with them and / or can feel what they feel & know what they are thinking.

      This dream took place in another hemisphere, continent, country, culture, religion, et cetera from mine & what I am familiar with & somewhere I have never been; which like you said, is even more fascinating.

      Thank you, I agree, I wanted her to stand up for herself & quit & report him to the police, but she was determined to keep this job if possible; fortunately she did have a limit, and would not do what he demanded.

      So I tried to help her out the best that I could, maybe my desire to help her, caused me to combine with her or partly become her or somehow help give her suggestions or whatever happened exactly.

      I forgot to mention that I also saw flashes of her memories of her girlfriend, family, her life, et cetera before her boss & his lackies showed up; there was happiness, sadness, et cetera there in her memories.

      Thank you for commenting,
      – John Jr


      1. That’s so neat, that you figured out a way to help her while having a distinct consciousness and respecting her own.

        I haven’t been too active on the blog these days, but it feels nice to visit other people’s once in a while


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