Norton Power Eraser & Caffeine

I think that my sleep and dreams were very negatively impacted by me having a cup of coffee at work.

I had one or more dreams involving the free portable antimalware second opinion scanner Norton Power Eraser (NPE).

Remove Online threats using Norton Power Eraser

Likewise, I had difficulty sleeping, and my sleep & dreams kept getting disturbed by strange negative physical & mental reactions that were possibly caused by the caffeine from the coffee I had.

I remember tossing & turning in bed, my heart & chest feeling a bit weird, just feeling weird in general, that caffeine energy boosted shakiness feeling, my mind kept only being able to focus on & keep replaying a certain thing, and more.

This happens to me sometimes if I have coffee / caffeine 8 hours or even longer before going to sleep, I seem to be a little sensitive to caffeine I assume.

That made dreaming, or should I say, my dreams moving forward, almost impossible.

My dreams, semi-dreams, semi-daydreams, and thoughts just kept repeating on Norton Power Eraser & my sleep & dream & waking struggles / assumed negative caffeine reaction.

Doing scans with Norton Power Eraser on a computer, helping some people use Norton Power Eraser, responding to comments online about Norton Power Eraser, et cetera.

That is all that I can remember of my dreams.

The end,

  • John Jr

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