The Trail & Talking To MA

There was more to this dream that I can not remember, I know that it took place during a nice day in a somewhat fictional version of DeRidder.

I know that I traveled from one place through a fictional trail & maybe road through a forest / wilderness / the woods.

It was a nice scenic route that was peaceful et cetera, there was a very positive mood / feeling to the area.

I can not remember the details of my travels through it, but I do know that part of it would lead you near The D High School.

I want to say that someone else possibly traveled through the trail with me at some point, maybe my male cousin DE, but I can not remember.

There is a piece of memory that is trying to come back to me, possibly false memories that I had from my visits through this area, and maybe of some past dreams of this place or places similar to it.

In one of these memories and / or in this dream itself, I possibly camped out in the wilderness, possibly alone and / or with some other people, and / or some other people & I spent extended time in the wilderness.

At the very end of the dream, I rode in either a bus with several other people, including my female coworker MA.

MA and I talked about various topics during our ride like: memories of this trail / route / area, peach cobbler, and vaccines (a specific vaccine & some things that I can not remember involving it).

We both mentioned how this trail would take you near The D High School, we were correct, it led to a fictional version of the street / neighborhood that The D High School is on.

I woke up as we reached this area.

The end,

  • John Jr

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Hello True George,

Sometimes I do wonder about that possibility.

I am not sure if I ever recorded this dream or not, I may have had it before I ever started a blog, but I once had a very epic dream; literally an epic in a way.

It involved what I assume was Earth, spaceships showing up, maybe space battles outside the planet.

Being saved & picked up by some spaceships that came to help.

Leaving Earth on one of those spaceships to escape, and maybe regroup to probably help fight who ever attacked the planet.

Traveling in space by spaceship.

Helping defend a tiny planet, settling on that tiny planet, helping the people there, and I got married.

My wife and I had a child, and I grew old.

My last memory before waking up was standing outside as an old man on this tiny planet holding my child with my wife standing by me along with the grateful citizens of this tiny planet I helped save years ago.

I was content, happy, on this now peaceful quiet tiny planet, having lived some of the best years of my life.

I stood there as an old man looking back on my life, grateful, I remember us looking up at the sky / space, smiling, happy.

Anyway, thank you for commenting,
— John Jr

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