Do You Want To Live Forever?

What Is It?

Today, I noticed something on my My Home page which I had not seen before, which was a Daily Prompt that you could click on; and it starts a post for you with the tag, dailyprompt, and here is that Daily Prompt:

Do you want to live forever?

My Thoughts

I would first like to start my response to this Daily Prompt with a scene from the 2004 movie Alexander, which has this prompt in a line of dialogue:

Alexanders Final Attack Alexander 2004 Full HD

Anyway, my answer is, sometimes I wonder if I could have one superpower, would I go for: immortality / semi-immortality, or something like the ability to heal others & myself, or telekinesis, or the ability to form my own dimension, or the ability to conjure / summon, or the ability to fly, et cetera.

Sometimes I do, and sometimes I do not want to live forever.

When I was a kid, one or more times I tried to imagine what it would be like to live forever, actually I was trying to imagine what it would be like to live in heaven forever.

I remember a feeling that I can not describe, that I have not experienced since then, when I tried to imagine day after day in heaven, lasting forever.

My mind could not handle the thought of infinity / eternity / infinite / eternal / immortality / et cetera in heaven, and my mind became overwhelmed by that feeling / thought.

I wish that I could feel that feeling again, it was very unique, and overwhelming.

Immortality would / could be a blessing and a curse.

At this time, I would say yes, I do want to live forever, ask me again another time, and my answer may / might change.

I would want to use some of that time to build enough wealth to be able to live off the interest, not a crazy amount of money; just enough to be able to do what I need / want to do to help myself & others.

Then I would go out to get help, training, education, et cetera to improve myself, pursue some of my life goals & interests, explore, help people / the world, et cetera.

Anyway, I think that it is cool that has Daily Prompts built into now, I assume.

That should help myself and others come up with posts on the days that we can not think of anything.

The end,

  • John Jr

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