Korey Coleman’s House | TV & Ms. CH | An Imposter Ms. EC & Moving Food?

Dream 1

In this dream, I visited Korey Coleman’s house during the day in a small town that was somewhat in the countryside.

Korey had a small multipurpose building in his yard where I spent most of my time during the dream.

Strange things and crimes were going on in the town, and the police seemed mostly useless at dealing with it.

Korey reported something to the local police.

Later, when Korey left somewhere, I was there alone, several female police officers with medium to dark color skin arrived to follow up on Korey’s previous police report, so I talked with them.

They seemed interested in me and somewhat flirty with me / asked me personal questions as they took my statement about what Korey possibly reported, but that is about all they did before leaving.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place at a house, and I was watching TV with Ms. CH, the mother of my former male classmate DH, and another woman or two showed up to join us.

We sat on couches in the living room talking and watching TV until they stopped, and they started cleaning the house or something like they worked for a cleaning service or something like that.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In part of this dream, I was alone in a fictional version of my parent’s house, and I went to defecate in a bathroom which was where my brother GC’s room should be.

While I was sitting on the toilet with the door open, my family and my brother KDC’s girlfriend KC arrived back at the house, so I closed the door to the bathroom.

After I finished using the bathroom, the next thing I remember is working during the day at a fictional version of the library where I work that was by sidewalks in a business area.

The library was the first building on the right side on an alley sidewalk with stairs that went down with other businesses and stairs up to other walkways with businesses.

I was alone in a fictional version of The IT Room that looked more like a windowless bedroom, and a fictional version of our Library Director entered the room with me.

She did not look, sound, or act like our real Director; yet for reasons unknown, I recognized / knew her as our Director.

She was thinner and older and darker than our Director, with longer red dyed hair, and her skin looked leathery & tanned like someone with light-color skin who got a good tan without getting sunburned.

Furthermore, she slightly looked more like an older & thinner & darker Andi James, but she did not really look or sound or act like either one of them, except slightly more like Andi James.

I got weird imposter vibes and a sense of danger from her, like she was a dangerous alien or unknown entity pretending to be our Director, and was doing a terrible job pretending.

While talking to me, she suddenly started taking off her clothes without warning as we talked, oddly.

She looked directly at me during this, not breaking eye contact as she continued talking, like this was a seduction / distraction / trick / trap.

She took her shirt or dress off first, leaving herself topless, this all caught me off guard, I was uncomfortable, not sure what to do, and I still sensed danger / strange vibes from her.

I wanted to leave the room, instead I turned / looked away to give her some privacy until she was done undressing & changing into new clothes as she continued to talk, and I hoped that this would be over soon.

I did not want to be stuck in this uncomfortable / dangerous / strange / et cetera situation any longer.

After she finished changing clothes, I turned back around, she told me that she wanted me to check the air conditioners or something in the building because my coworker Mr. CF was not there to do it.

Her speech became weird and slurred as she tried to tell me about the air conditioners, so I could not understand some / most of what she said.

So I am not sure what was wrong with the air conditioners.

I tried the air conditioner in The IT Room that we were in, it worked, but it was colder than normal.

To me, it seemed that something about the temperature or something of the air conditioners seemed to be bothering her, which made me wonder even more about her possibly being an alien or unknown entity or something.

She even said something in an unknown language, I can recognize some languages, but I did not recognize whatever language that was.

I asked her what language was that and which languages she knew, because I had no idea she knew any other languages, but she did not answer my questions.

I asked her if she had heard of Esperanto before and if she had tried learning it and what was her opinion of it.

She said that Esperanto was easy to get started learning & using, but she did not seem interested in it based on a gesture, maybe a swapping her hand away gesture, that she made after saying that.

She started leaving the room as my female coworker AG & our Library OM entered the room along with a fictional teenage son of AG who was thin with short dark-color hair and wore glasses.

I was glad, they saved me from that uncomfortable situation.

I greeted them, they started to tell me about something that I can not remember, and I left to check the air conditioners and to do whatever it was they had told me.

After that, I then went outside to walk around the sidewalk and alley and look outside some businesses.

On the ground was an open bag with a plate and some food, and the food started moving like it was alive and was going to attack me.

I remembered exactly what type of food it was, unfortunately, I can no longer remember.

I warned a nearby man with dark-color skin about the living food that was trying to attack, and I stomped the living food.

It did not move once the man & some other people walked over to look at it, so they did not believe me.

They started to walk away, then it started to move again to attack them this time, I yelled to warn them.

They saw it this time, they ran up the sidewalks as it chased them, and I went inside the library to lock it and warn my coworkers.

I wondered if there was a connection between the fake / imposter of our Director and the moving food.

I wondered if they were some kind of alien life / entities that could possess objects & living things and / or shapeshift and / or something.

Earlier during our conversation, she possibly hinted that there was something outside, maybe it was a veiled hint about the living attacking food entity, I can not remember.

I woke up before I could find any of my coworkers.

The end,

  • John Jr

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