Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Frustrating Waste Of Potential

What Is It?

The YouTube video Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Frustrating Waste Of Potential by the YouTube channel Friendly Space Ninja:

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Frustrating Waste Of Potential

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Chilling Adventures of Hilda I don’t care make it happen

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0:00 Intro
1:23 The Archieverse
4:48 Synopsis & Breakdown
13:28 Early Red Flags
17:16 Sabrina Spellman
32:22 The Spellman Family
45:56 Lilith & Lucifer
56:32 Other Characters & Bad Editing
1:04:52 Roberto & Feminism
1:17:05 The Finale
1:21:12 Conclusion

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina
Sabrina Spellman
Kiernan Shipka
Ambrose Spellman
Nick Scratch
Archie Andrews
Veronica Lodge
Betty Cooper
KJ Apa
Lili Reinhart
Cole Sprouse
Jughead Jones
Friendly Space Ninja
Aunt Hilda
Aunt Zelda
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
The CW
Harvey Kinkle

My Thoughts

I agree with Friendly Space Ninja that the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina started going downhill in Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 3), and I agree with him on most points.

Like Sabrina Spellman, suffering from perfect character syndrome, even when she is wrong, the show tries to portray her as being right and / or not calling her out; and her making some of the same mistakes over and over again.

I liked the first two seasons, the rest of the seasons were not as good, they were still watchable, but it was close to becoming unwatchable.

Kiernan Shipka did a great job and I liked Sabrina Spellman as a character, she was probably my favorite female character that year, but her performance & that character went downhill after the second season; in my opinion.

At that point, I liked Mandrake Sabrina & the other Sabrina Spellman better than the original Sabrina.

While I still like the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina enough overall, it deserved better & it had more potential, and I think that they should have kept the more serious & gloomy & scary tone.

The end,

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