A Heater Disturbs My Sleep & Dreams

About an hour or two after going to sleep, I got awakened by the house being too hot because someone had two heaters on when we did not even need one on.

My brother GC could not sleep either, so I was not the only one.

His sleep was disturbed worse than mine, he had some other negative reactions, like I did last week when I went several days in a row having difficulty sleeping.

I turned off the heaters and opened some windows, walked outside for a minute, and eventually not only did I start to cool down, but I also could breathe better & started to feel a bit better.

I started to wonder if the ancient gas heater that was recently put in the bathroom is releasing chemicals or causing chemical reactions that are negatively impacting air quality et cetera in the house, causing that reaction that we had.

That same heater was on the night before, causing me to lose my last hour or two of sleep, annoyingly.

It took me a while before I was able to go back to sleep, I partly did not realize that I actually did sleep at all after this.

I had one or more dreams, semi-dreams, and semi-daydreams that I partly remembered until I woke up at 11-something AM realizing how late it was & that I had actually gone back to sleep finally.

I remembered that in an hour my alarm would go off to remind me to call my library coworker Mr. CF to remind him about something.

Not only that, but I then started thinking, daydreaming, et cetera about various things in bed while checking up on things on my mobile phone.

I realized that I had not recorded my dreams or thought about them during this, it was too late, and I had forgotten my dreams.

I want to say that my dreams possibly partly involved some things, thoughts, daydreams, et cetera from before I went to sleep combined with maybe some things from one or more dreams the previous night.

But I can not remember, I am close to remembering part of one dream, in that dream I was possibly dating a woman from India (Indian).

She was probably inspired by Karl Rock’s sister-in-law Aastha / Alia / Aasman, but I can not remember.

Delhi University Street Food & Campus Tour (Indian Student Life & Food) #RockEats

That is all that I can remember of my dreams now.

The end,

  • John Jr

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