A Security Booth | A Hospital Job & A Superhero & Library Events

Dream 1

Spell check or something messed up my notes for the last sentence of this dream, so I am not sure what happened at the end of this dream now.

The end of this dream took place during the day outside in front of one of The D High School parking lots.

There was a security booth with some male security guards handling a checkpoint to park, and they said that I was clear to enter the parking lot.

A man with light-color skin was outside the security booth, but the last words of this sentence got messed up; so that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that some areas where this dream took place were off limits to some people, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day, I got a letter about a hospital job that I had applied for in the past, that said that I got the job.

So I drove to the fictional city where the hospital job was with my brother GC to try out the job.

Once we arrived in the city, I dropped off GC at a store or hotel, and I drove to the multi-story hospital.

The office inside the hospital that the letter had mentioned, which was on an upper floor, was closed.

There was a note with instructions, there were two short Hispanic female workers also looking at the note.

Then they left with hospital supplies to drop them off in a certain area of the hospital that was mentioned in the note.

I followed their lead, I found another note, I followed the instruction on it, and I took some hospital supplies to a medical closet in another part of the hospital.

A female worker asked me what I was doing, and I explained the situation to her.

She told me that I needed to wait until the office was open and fill out paperwork and go through a process first, since I was a new employee.

I thanked her, I left to find GC, and I ended up at our upper floor hotel room that was almost like a rough hospital-like room combined with a normal carpeted hotel room with two beds.

Each bed was on the top of an older bed, with a portable bed between them, basically three beds stacked to where you could only use the bed on the top unless you separated them; which makes no sense.

I am not sure if this next part is part of this dream or another dream.

Then I remember being outside during the day in an unknown fictional country, and a tall thin male basketball player with light medium-color skin with long curly hair pinned up was walking past some kids who were playing basketball.

The basketball player was famous in this country, he possibly was a superhero too, but I can not remember.

The kids asked him to make a shot or dunk, he did, and then he ran away to wherever he is going.

Shortly after, a female superhero with light-color skin wearing a stereotypical colorful superhero outfit with a cape & mask who was famous in this country flew over, asking the kids where the man went.

They told her the direction he went, and she flew away to find him.

I am not sure if I briefly saw things from her point of view or if I briefly became her or someone else, or if I had powers too.

Either way, I remember maybe flying and using smell / scent to track down either the man she was looking for and / or my brother GC.

I found a multi-story building with many rooms that he was in, but I needed to find which room he was in.

So I landed, I went inside the building, but I can not remember if I found him or not.

I am not sure if the next part is part of this dream or part of another dream.

I remember driving back to the city of D and arriving in the morning for work at a fictional version of the library that I work at, and it was probably Saturday morning.

The fictional version of our library had a small Walmart-like parking lot in the front.

A big event was taking place outside and maybe inside the library.

I saw my female coworker SY and one or two coworkers and / or patrons walking toward the back staff parking lot of the library.

I was not sure where to park, and I woke up as I tried to figure out where to park.

The end,

  • John Jr

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