Mickey’s Descent Into Madness

What Is It?

The YouTube video Mickey’s Descent Into Madness by the YouTube channel Ethereal Snake:

Mickey’s Descent Into Madness

Here is the description for this video:

Support the channel and get access to the soundtrack Patreon :

Merch :… :

Twitter :

Instagram :

Animation team Agathe Choplin :…

Arthur Hay :

Ylang Lebot :…

Nicolas Pierre :…

Yoann Roussin :

Hugo Soria :

Nicolas Moutou :

Sound Design Antonin Terrien :

Voice actors Matthew Gafford :

MeatCanyon :

The Minute Hour :…

Stephen Lynch :

Screenplay Tom Bourgeois aka “Ethereal Snake” and Tommy Hurst :

@A Fox in Space @MeatCanyon @The Minute Hour

My Thoughts

I did not realize that I forgot to post about this short film back in 2021; so here is that post finally.

Ethereal Snake did it again, another surreal & grim & artistic production with great voice acting, and with even higher production values this time; well done.

The end,

  • John Jr

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