Flying | Visiting Hulk Hogan’s House

English: *Hulk Hogan
Original description: World Wrestling Entertainment star Hulk Hogan was the first to tape a message of support for the troops before the start of SummerSlam at the MCI Center in Washington on Aug. 21. Patients were special guests at the event and got a chance to meet some of their favorite wrestling personalities.
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Dream 1

Unfortunately, all that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place during the day in DeRidder, and at some point I possibly flew over parts of the city.

I can not remember if the dream was a lucid dream at that point or not, probably not, but I can not remember.

I wish that I could remember the details of this dream, because flying in dreams is pretty cool, especially when you are able to fly in a non-lucid dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in DeRidder, and I was at a fictional version of the fairgrounds.

At the fairground there was an event taking place at an area where the swimming pools should be or were, and could hear Jim Ross announcing things over a microphone / speaker.

So I wondered if / assumed that there was a professional wrestling event taking place there, and that is where most people were.

As I was walking in that direction, I saw my mom, I briefly talked with her, and then we went our separate ways.

Instead of going to the event, I decided to go visit Hulk Hogan, who lived in a house that was next to or on the right edge of the fairgrounds, not far from where the event was taking place.

It had been several years since I had visited Hulk Hogan and his family, I had false memories of this, and memories of some of my past visits to this house over the years since I was young.

In those false memories of visiting Hulk Hogan & his family at the house over the years were memories of a secret part of the house that I used to explore.

This secret part of the house is a thing that has appeared in some of my past dreams in various slight variations.

I usually have false memories in each of these dreams, some of which are probably just memories of similar dreams from my past.

These secret areas in these dreams are always familiar, probably always connected to the past, like hidden parts of my subconscious from my childhood, combined with interesting & paranormal & supernatural things.

There is typically a connection not only with me but with my family and / or people close to my family, and the house or building is also probably always owned by my family and / or people close to my family.

Often the secret places are not typically explored by the people who live there, sometimes I seem to be the only person who notices or finds it or cares; but sometimes other family members & people join me when I explore the secret areas.

Even though these secret places typically have paranormal and / or supernatural things, they are usually not that much of a threat to me, I usually can avoid them or deal with them, or they do not attack me; it varies.

There is a risk, but typically I am not too scared since it is frequently so familiar to me, and I see it as a fun challenge to explore & make it through safely.

The secret places are almost always impossibly large for the size of the house / building that they are in, almost like going into an entirely other structure or cave system or dimension, and can sometimes be on several floors.

In this dream, I wanted to visit the secret place in Hulk Hogan’s house again after all those years.

When I arrived at Hulk Hogan’s house, he was in his office, I can not remember if I got to greet him or not.

He then left to another room to have a meeting with some people, and I heard them talking about politics.

Hulk Hogan’s Nick Hogan greeted me, and we talked about the past and present in our lives & the lives of our families.

In my false memories I used to play with Nick Hogan & his sister Brooke Hogan when we were kids, during my visits to their house, and they probably knew about the secret parts of the house; and maybe even explored them with me.

I asked Nick about the secret parts of the house and if I could go explore them, he had not paid attention to them in so long that he had forgotten how to reach them.

He said yes, and he led me to where the entrance might be.

We both had forgotten the exact location of the hidden entrance, but I found it.

I opened the hidden entrance, which was probably part of a wall that could open like a door.

He was possibly afraid to enter, I can not remember, I asked him to let his dad know that I was there & what I was doing once he was done with his meeting; and I woke up as I was about to enter the secret parts of the house.

The end,

  • John Jr

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