A Competition In Another Country & Learning To Fly From Piccolo & Denzel Washington & A Sponsor

This dream took place during the day, I was in another country with some people from DeRidder & maybe some other places as part of a team who was there for a competition; maybe a sports competition, but I can not remember.

At some point while I was there I talked to my library coworker Mr. CF, we talked about food, and some other things.

After the competition, my team and I left the country on foot, I guess we could not afford transportation; so we were willing to walk & jog through one or more countries to return home.

During our walk & jog back to our country, we reached a mountainous area like the area where the Dragon Ball character Piccolo likes to train; and we met the animated Dragon Ball characters Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, and some Saibamen.

Piccolo taught us / trained us on how to fly, so we started flying back home; and they joined us during our flight at least part of the way back to our country.

Flying was fun and really saved us a lot of time, so we reached our country in record-breaking time.

When we got back to our country, my team and I met with my mom & my dad, because my dad wanted to introduce us to our team sponsor that he found for our team.

They took us to a fictional part of a fictional version of the city of D along the right side of the road that crosses through town past both Brookshire Brothers grocery stores, and we stopped at a business.

My dad said that our team sponsor owned this business and was going to pay for all of us to go to college.

We walked up the stairs / ramp / porch of the business, which was an automobile parts store, and we waited outside while my dad went inside to talk to the owner.

While waiting outside, Denzel Washington walked over, I / we briefly talked with him, and he was talked / preached / complained about something that I can not remember that he did not like about black people.

It was not an attack on all black people or anything negative like that, it was a certain thing that he was calling out.

It was something that he wanted to see change, and was meant to inspire / uplift / et cetera black people; a call to action I guess you could say, but I can not remember the details.

Not only that, but it was like he was channeling his Malcom X character / the real Malcom X.

After Mr. Washington left, my dad walked back outside with some bad news.

My dad told us that our sponsor had changed his mind, he would not be paying for us to go to college, but he would offer some or all of us a minimum wage job at his business.

Most of our team were not happy with this, this would not be good enough for our team to be able to travel et cetera for competitions and for our future plans, so most of the team quit immediately; and they walked away.

A few people on the team stayed and went inside to talk to our sponsor about the possible job opportunities.

My mom was also not happy about this, she probably said a few things to my dad about this, and I stood there trying to decide what to do; but I woke up during this.

The end,

  • John Jr

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