Struggling To Walk In A World Where Everyone Has A Unique Ability

Unfortunately, I forgot most of my dreams & most of this dream, including the most important parts; so this dream is incomplete and a little confusing.

This dream took place in a version of our world (Earth) where each person (human) had a unique ability (power / superpower / quirk) that they were born with, so it was natural, I assume; similar to the Japanese anime (animated) TV show My Hero Academia, except more realitistic & grounded & limited.

There were several unique abilities or types / categories of abilities, and each person only had one unique ability / type / category of ability.

Unfortunately, I can not remember the abilities or the types / categories of abilities, how many there were, et cetera.

I do remember that there were only a few abilities or types / categories of abilities.

I can not exactly remember some of the details of my special ability, except for some possible limited details.

Likewise, I can not remember the name of my ability or the name of the category that my ability was categorized under, or all that it could do.

My ability was probably the most difficult to impossible to use, basically it had the most limitations, but it possibly had the biggest advantage if you could use it.

I think that my ability or part of my ability involved the ability to have a detailed image and / or video of something visibly show inside part of my body.

This image and / or video was difficult to see because of the area inside my body where it was located.

It was inside a part of my body where it would be barely visible through a small, dark opening that you could only see with a light source like sunlight or artificial light.

I remember that this part of my body had to be washed with soap and water before drinking through it to avoid getting sick.

Oddly, I can not remember what part of my body it was or most of the details on using it.

Other than knowing that it had to be washed with soap & water if I was to drink through that part of my body.

So perhaps it was inside my throat in the beginning of the dark area if you were to shine a light while looking in the mirror to see down part of my throat, but I can not remember.

As for what was my special ability, I think that it was, or it partly involved the ability to have the past, present, or future shown as an image and / or video in that part of my body; but I could be wrong.

I think that I could think / say the date, time, place, object, activity, event, person, et cetera that I wanted to see; and it would show in that part of my body.

Example: I could possibly say / think: “Show me what is going to happen to me tomorrow at 4:00 PM. Show me what happened in Paris, France at the end of La Rue Street back in 1940 at 5:AM. Show me where my male cousin Jun Uzamaki from India is right now. et cetera…” and it would show in that part of my body.

I am not sure what happened, but I was in the city of D at the end of this dream.

I remember trying to use my ability, it was very difficult, but I think that I barely got it to work; but I could be wrong.

Perhaps I was outside using the natural sunlight to try to see inside that small opening inside my body to see the image and / or video, but I am not sure.

I do remember struggling to walk back home along the street(s), like I was injured or something, it was very difficult to walk; but I am not sure why.

Was my leg(s) injured, was something weird going on with gravity, did something mess up my equilibrium, had I been attacked by someone else’s ability or some kind of weapon?

Not only that, but I could not use my ability to help myself because it was so difficult to impossible to use and / or because it would not help much in this situation.

I remember struggling to walk up the street that The E House is on so that I could get back home.

Imagine a dream where something it preventing you from being able to run or move fast combined with barely being able to stand combine with being off balance et cetera.

I do not think that I was the only person in this condition because I think that I saw a man struggling to walk just like me.

I remember being near Ms. C’s Abandoned House, I had to stop to take a break, and I started talking with the man.

The man possibly had the same ability as me.

So he could not use his ability to help himself either, or it would not help much in this situation, or he could not use it at all because our ability was very difficult to impossible to use depending on the person & situation.

I remember telling him about the downsides of our ability, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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