Too Much Coffee & Thinking Of Ways To Thank My Coworkers

English: A caramel frappechino from McDonalds
File:Caramel Frappechino.jpg

I had a $0.99 large iced caramel coffee and a free large caramel frappé from McDonald’s last night after going to urgent care, so I did not get much sleep last night.

I mostly had brief periods of sleep with short dreams that I did not think about or record, except for a few fragments of my last dream.

During this dream, there was something on my mind throughout the dream that I can not remember now

At the end of the dream, I remember trying to think of a way to thank my coworkers at the library that I work at; and / or that was one of several things that I was thinking about in reference to my coworkers & I outside of work.


The Beach | Andi James Gets Arrested | Art & Science & Levitation & Flying & Luna Lovegood / Evanna Lynch | Patrons Need Help

Description	Y esta semana tocaba hacernos levitar un poco :D
File:10-52³, Levitación – Levitation – Flickr – anieto2k.jpg

Dream 1

Part of this dream involved me talking with my brother KDC’s fiancé KC, maybe my brother KDC, and my dad in their bedroom in my parent’s house during the day.

I am not sure if this next part is part of this dream or another dream, so I will assume that it was part of this dream.

There was a beach with mostly people who would be considered Hispanic, not all the people just most, and they were partying & having fun & some were selling things on the beach.


We’re Definitely Living In A Simulation.

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The YouTube video We’re Definitely Living In A Simulation. by the YouTube channel Jake Tran:

We’re Definitely Living In A Simulation.

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The CIA Murder That Exposed MK-ULTRA | The Frank Olson Assassination

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The YouTube video The CIA Murder That Exposed MK-ULTRA | The Frank Olson Assassination by the YouTube channel The Why Files:

The CIA Murder That Exposed MK-ULTRA | The Frank Olson Assassination

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The CIA Assassination of Frank Olson | The Murder that Exposed MK-ULTRA November 28th, 1953. New York City.

At 2:30 AM, the body hit the sidewalk.

A few seconds later, a shower of glass.

The doorman of the Statler Hotel yelled to the lobby that there was a jumper.

The night manager rushed out and saw him.

A man, about 40 years old, lying on the pavement.

He was on his back, wearing only his underwear, and blood started to pool around him.

13 stories up, a single window was open; its curtain flapping through broken glass.

The night manager knelt beside the man, whose eyes were open and was somehow still alive.

He desperately tried to speak, but was choking on blood and couldn’t be understood.

After a minute or two of trying to communicate, the man took a final deep breath and was gone.

Nobody knows for sure what he was trying to say before he died.

But one thing is for certain, it was something about the CIA.

—- SOURCES & LINKS CIA Assassination Guide:…

Rockefeller commission docs:…

CIA Study of Assassination:…

Frank Olson Project (his family’s site):

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One Of The Most Banned Books Of All Time – Mollie Godfrey

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The YouTube video One Of The Most Banned Books Of All Time – Mollie Godfrey by the YouTube channel TED-Ed:

One Of The Most Banned Books Of All Time – Mollie Godfrey

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Explore why Maya Angelou’s memoir “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” became one of the most frequently banned books of all time.

In 1998, a school district removed one of American literature’s most acclaimed works from its curriculum.

Parents pushing for the ban said the book was both “sexually explicit” and “anti-white.”

The book at the center of this debate was Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.”

Why was the memoir so controversial?

Mollie Godfrey digs into one of the most banned books of all time.

Lesson by Mollie Godfrey, directed by Laura White.

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