My Weird Reflection In A Mirror | Forgetting My Pillow By The Museum

English: AlejandroLinaresGarcia taking pictures of himself in front of curved mirrors part of the mathematics section of the Universum museum in Ciudad Universitaria in Mexico City

Dream 1

I think that part of this dream involved me being in a class or something like that.

In another part of the dream, I remember looking in a mirror, and my body looked weird in my reflection in the mirror.

Mirrors are super rare in my dreams, so this was a rare moment.

My body looked thinner, flabbier, oddly shaped, and my stomach was small & fat & protruded out further than I have ever seen it.

This confused and disturbed me, I wondered how had my body changed so much, and I woke up as I tried to make sense of my reflection in the mirror.

Dream 2

This dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during part of at least two days.

In this dream, I was a student at a fictional college that was downtown, and I lived at the college dorm (dormitory).

My dorm was near the library where I work across from the patron parking lot, I am not sure if it was right across the street, or if it was several buildings down.

It seemed that it was me finally returning to college after all these years to finally finish, but I am not sure.

I can not remember most of the details, I do know that I went to and from my dorm and the college, walking inside & outside various buildings among the other students & our professors (teachers).

I remember seeing lockers, classrooms, the cafeteria, courtyards, et cetera; but I can not remember if I went to any classes or not.

Late that afternoon or evening, there was an outdoor college and / or city event downtown near the library & museum et cetera, and people could spend the night outside that night.

So I brought my old pillow with me that my grandmother made for me when I was a baby.

I can not remember if it was an outdoor movie being shown or what all happened at the event, I just remember students & people sitting on blankets et cetera downtown.

Some people probably brought sleeping bags & pillows, some people had chairs, et cetera.

I thought about spending the night outside in the parking lot by the museum, but I changed my mind; and I went back to my dorm, and I slept there.

The next morning I woke, left my dorm, and I went to the cafeteria before breakfast starts.

The cafeteria was closed until breakfast starts, but they had leftovers from yesterday’s dinner outside the cafeteria that students could get for free.

So I got some of the leftover food, and I was going to take it back to my dorm & then return to the cafeteria for breakfast because breakfast was going to start soon.

During this, I realized that I had forgotten my old pillow outside the museum, so I walked past students & professors through the college on my way to get my pillow.

Outside the museum, I found my pillow where I had left it the previous night, I picked it up, and I continued walking back to my dorm to put it & the leftover food up.

I woke up as I did this, and before I could return to the cafeteria for breakfast before then heading to class.

The end,

  • John Jr

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