A Bad Storm | A Cartoon & Jogging Competition & Penguinz0

The finish line of the fun run section of the 2007 UAE Healthy Kidney 10K at Central Park, New York.

(Original description: While we were waiting for Jenn to finish, I figured I'd take photos of random runners.)
File:UAE Healthy Kidney 10K 2007.jpg

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream, is that my family and I and maybe some others spent the night or something at The E House.

The next morning, there was a storm that almost knocked over the house.

I escaped out front to my vehicle that was by the boat port / garage, fortunately the house did not flip, and my family and I got into my automobile & we drove to my parent’s house.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream, there was a cartoon with a poor talking animal boy who was a mouse whose mom died when he was a kid, and he lived with his mouse dad in an abandoned room along some tracks.

They used a towel or some kind of fabric to keep the door to their room from blowing open in the wind.

The mouse boy would play with some other animated talking animal kids outside along the tracks, a field, and maybe the nearby forest.

There was a fictional city that my family and I would sometimes visit to attend an annual event.

This annual event was a city event with various activities, food, drink, and a race / jogging / running competition through a shopping mall and outside through parts of the city.

We took part in the race several times over the years.

In the current year of the dream, I went alone as an adult to this city for the annual event to compete in the race, I possibly traveled there by foot.

During my time in this city, I briefly stayed near the poor animated mouse boy and his now dying or old or sick dad, I probably stayed in another abandoned room that was one or two rooms down from theirs.

So I got to meet the animated mouse boy and his father, they and the other talking animals were animated, but the rest of the dream was live action.

There was no bathroom for me to take a shower or bath in, so after the race, I would have to take a bath once I got back home.

At some point I went to the event, I took part in the race, I remember jogging through the mall, and outside through parts of the city.

Penguinz0 / MoistCr1TiKaL / Moist Critical / Cr1TiKaL / Charles Christopher White Jr. / Charlie was in the race too, and we briefly talked as we jogged / ran.

After the race I visited the poor animated mouse boy & his father one last time, I got my stuff from my room, and I jogged from this city back to my city without taking a bath.

If felt like this fictional city was possibly where Alexandria should be, if so, it was possibly an 80-mile jog back to the city of D.

Once I jogged back to the city of D, people were having maybe Valentine’s Day gatherings / parties outside along the streets & fields et cetera around the city.

Some of my mom’s side of the family were having a gathering too, possibly a wedding party combined with Valentine’s Day gathering, and they were in the field by my parent’s yard.

Among my family members there were: my male cousin EE, my female cousin KE, various other family members, and some fictional young male cousins; and my brothers were there too, except for my brother GC, they were kids again, oddly.

I said hello to them as I jogged and climbed by them through the field outside my parent’s yard.

My older cousins / family members had a somewhat negative / neutral reaction to me, based on their facial expressions & body language, and how they replied with what they said & did not say.

My reaction to them was partly a reaction to their reaction to me combined with me feeling distant, somewhat uncomfortable, et cetera.

I remember thinking that they were probably not happy with how I have avoided family gatherings for years now, and I have not attended a funeral since my grandmother DE died; so there is an awkwardness & distance et cetera.

I tried to ignore this as I passed by, I just wanted to get inside the house and take a bath et cetera after jogging all of those miles.

Once I reached my parent’s yard, I heard maybe my brother TDC calling for me because some of our cousins and one of my brothers were bullying him.

I jogged back to the field to stop the bullying because my older cousins were not stopping it.

While lecturing the bullies, my fictional young male cousins said that I stank, and I told them why.

I told them about my brief stay near the poor mouse family and my jog in the racing competition, and how I jogged back home from that city.

But I woke up while I was still talking with them.

The end,

  • John Jr

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