A Business Meeting At The Library?

In this dream, I was working at a fictional larger nicer more modern version of the library that I work at that had an open auditorium like room, it had a clean modern business style to it.

Many business people (businessmen) wearing suits were having an assumed business meeting / meeting in there, and it possibly partly involved funding for the library; but I have no idea.

My coworker Ms. RB, our OM, our assistant director Ms. JM, my female coworker JB, my female coworker MR, a fictional female coworker who seemed to be the character Aneka (played by Michaela Coel) from the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and maybe one or more of my coworkers were in this dream.

I do not remember the middle of this dream as I walked around the building working and interacting with my coworkers & maybe some patrons.

At some point, I saw my female coworker JB taking a break in one room, she was possibly walking around eating and / or drinking something in this room with her back turned to the entrance.

JB got scared when I quietly knocked on the door to avoid scaring her before entering, apologized, and I briefly talked to her.

In another room or this room, a businessman with light-color skin was talking to two of my female coworkers.

Their conversation was taking too long and Ms. JM said that one of those coworkers seemed nervous, so she went inside that room to get her out of there.

Ms. JM got her out of there, but had overheard something negative about the businessman’s plans for the library.

So Ms. JM brought Aneka and another possibly fictional female coworker who looked dangerous into the room.

They looked like they were possibly preparing for possible violence.

Ms. JM told me to go in another room that was in this room, close the door, and I was to stay there until she said that I could come out.

She possibly gave me a job to do while I was in there.

I wondered if they were going to kill and / or intimidate and / or beat the businessman into changing his plans for the library, but I decided to follow orders & play dumb, not wanting to know.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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