An Evil Containment Business?

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This dream is unclear & confusing because I kept experiencing missing time / unconsciousness throughout the dream, and I am not sure if I was myself or not during most of the dream; I do know that this dream took place during the day.

This dream involved two adult brothers who had a business that I nicknamed as an evil containment business, part of what they did reminded me of the evil containment wave (demon sealing wave) technique from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball Super – Official Clip – Super Evil Containment Wave

Their business partly involved them getting paid by people to contain / trap / seal / make deals with / exorcism / et cetera demons and / or spirits and / or other kinds of entities from possessed people; and maybe even to people who wanted to be possessed (I am not sure about this), or unpossessed people who wanted to make deals with demons / entities / spirits / et cetera.


There’s Nothing In My Heart – Obito’s Words

What Is It?

The YouTube video There’s Nothing In My Heart – Obito’s Words by the YouTube channel Biraj Senpai:

There’s Nothing In My Heart – Obito’s Words

Here is the description for this video:

Obito Uchiha’s Speech to Kakashi.

There’s Nothing In My Heart.

Anime: Naruto

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