An Evil Containment Business?

English: This picture shows two mounds of salt against a black backdrop
File:Salt mounds.jpg

This dream is unclear & confusing because I kept experiencing missing time / unconsciousness throughout the dream, and I am not sure if I was myself or not during most of the dream; I do know that this dream took place during the day.

This dream involved two adult brothers who had a business that I nicknamed as an evil containment business, part of what they did reminded me of the evil containment wave (demon sealing wave) technique from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball Super – Official Clip – Super Evil Containment Wave

Their business partly involved them getting paid by people to contain / trap / seal / make deals with / exorcism / et cetera demons and / or spirits and / or other kinds of entities from possessed people; and maybe even to people who wanted to be possessed (I am not sure about this), or unpossessed people who wanted to make deals with demons / entities / spirits / et cetera.

They had a ritual that they would do using salt, they would form a salt circle / magic circle / circle of protection around the person; which was to meant to stop the demon / entity / spirit / et cetera from being able to escape that area.

I got to see and experience this ritual, this is where things get very unclear & confusing, I was possibly not myself at this point in the dream.

I possibly became or started to see things from the point-of-view of a man with light-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair who had gotten possessed by or targeted by a powerful, high-ranking male demon or entity or spirit.

This man was possibly a businessman, he probably contacted the business that the two brothers owned, offering to pay them for help.

If they had a building for their business, he possibly went there in person to explain his situation & pay, if not this was done remotely.

After this, the man went to the area where the two brothers would do the ritual, which was a field.

The two brothers had several other clients (customers) in this field as well, so they formed salt circles / magic circles / circles of protection around each customer separately.

They created the salt circle on the ground around the man / I, they did the ritual, but there was a problem; and the ritual was not finished.

Normally, the demon / entity / spirit would be forced to show itself, they would communicate with it; and either a deal would be made or they would exorcise it, or they would possibly trap / seal / contain it outside the person to prevent it from possessing them or anyone else.

What possibly went wrong this time was that the demon or entity or spirit was too powerful / high-ranking for them to exorcise / contain / seal / trap / et cetera, and / or the ritual was not completed for some other reason.

So they were forced to either make a deal with it instead, or they could only limit him from completely possessing the man / I, or they could not do anything.

I can not remember which because the man / I experienced missing time / unconsciousness during / after parts of the ritual.

I do remember that the man / I was wearing an orgonite pendant, possibly the Muti Pendant L (large Muti pendant) by Orgonise Africa.

He / I wondered if that pendant was preventing the powerful demon / entity / spirit from completely possessing him / me.

He / I also wondered if orgonite could be used in the circle of protection to enhance it and / or to replace salt, and if orgonite could be used to repel et cetera the evil entities et cetera.

The two brothers talked to the man / I about the situation, they probably said that he / I would probably experience short periods of possession and / or influence and / or control from the powerful high-ranking male demon or entity or spirit.

There was possibly a discussion about getting some of the man’s money back, since the ritual was not completed, but I am not sure what they decided on that.

I do remember them moving on to their other customers to do their rituals.

So the man / I got to see part of some of the other rituals while he / I stayed in the circle of protection until we decided what to do next and / or because you had to stay in the circle of protection for a certain amount of time after a ritual was completed.

I can not remember much of the rest of the dream because the man / I kept experiencing missing time / unconsciousness randomly for possibly short periods of time.

He / I had no idea what happened during those times, we assumed that it was because of the powerful high-ranking male entity, and we hoped that he had not had us do anything negative during those times.

The last thing I remember is being at work at a slightly fictional version of the library that I work at, I am not sure if I was myself or if I was the other man; I will assume that I was myself.

I was in the back staff areas, I possibly experienced missing time, but I am not sure.

Then I needed to urinate, so I went to find the men’s patron bathroom at the front of the building.

The layout of the library was different, the patron bathrooms were being remodeled to a business office style with wood grain and maybe gold trim, and the bathrooms were smaller.

I probably thought about the incomplete ritual & powerful high-ranking male entity situation, wondering what to do.

I assumed that it was not safe for me to be around other people in this condition, with the missing time stuff going on, et cetera.

As I was entering the men’s bathroom, a male patron with light-color skin needed to use the bathroom too.

He waited outside because he saw that I was trying to figure out if we could use the bathroom yet, since the remodeling was not finished yet.

I glanced around the bathroom to see if the toilets had water and if there were any signs et cetera, it seemed to be usable enough.

I let the man know and that I was going to go ask my coworkers to see if the bathrooms were truly open or not yet.

He waited, I walked away to do this, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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