SCP-056 Vs. SCP-973

What Is It?

The YouTube video SCP-056 Vs. SCP-973 by the YouTube channel Dr Bob:

SCP-056 Vs. SCP-973

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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Euclid Class object, SCP-056 A Beautiful Person and Euclid Class object, SCP-973 Smokey Animation.

SCP 056 is a being of variable size, gender, and appearance, which changes in response to the environment around it, especially in regard to living and sentient beings.

The most common form SCP056 takes is of a handsome man in his middle twenties, dressed in a garb of similar appearance to that of the personnel guarding it but of a higher quality and aesthetic value.

SCP 973 consists of two entities. SCP-973-1 is a police cruiser, resembling those used by state troopers in the early 1970s and SCP-973-2 resembles a male in his late 40s who wears a state trooper uniform.

SCP973 will manifest at night when another vehicle enters its territory and will chase down the target at high speed with the siren and flashers on.

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This video, being derived from by Unknown Author and written by Djoric, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.

Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson

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