Getting Betrayed After First Contact With An Alien

English: An illustration of a grey alien.

Unfortunately, I did not record most of my dreams or most of this dream, but I do barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream took place at my parent’s house and yard, and it involved an assumed alien or unknown humanoid sentient entity (life form) showing up on my parent’s property.

I think that the assumed alien was probably male, he looked somewhat like the stereotype of a Grey alien, not exactly the same, but similar.

He was possibly a different color, probably not as smooth, probably a little tougher-looking & more dangerous looking, and taller than the usual Grey alien.

So my family and I were the first to have an official provable encounter with assumed sentient alien life because the public got to see him too; and my family let him stay with us as this first alien contact continued.