A Villain Revealing His Motives / Motivation

Source: Wikimedia Commons Dream 1 This dream took place during the day and it involved a male villain taking (possibly kidnapping) some people so that he could take them to his compound / headquarters / lair to show them his motives / motivation. This is all unclear, but I remember that many of his henchmen … Continue reading A Villain Revealing His Motives / Motivation


Adding Names To An Email List From Terminal Using Vi?

Source: Wikimedia Commons All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at The BP Library, there was a fictional bald man with light color skin who either used to work at the library or who still worked at the library was there, and I was working at IT Assistant job … Continue reading Adding Names To An Email List From Terminal Using Vi?

Phillip ‘Phil’ Scott And A Conspiracy Story Idea

Source: Wikimedia Commons I got in bed very late after 5:00 AM, I did not record any of my dreams until the very end, and so now I can only barely remember part of one or two dreams that I will type as one because I am not sure if this is one or two … Continue reading Phillip ‘Phil’ Scott And A Conspiracy Story Idea

Society Of Numbers – Split

Source: YouTube Today's song is the song Split by Society Of Numbers from the EP Society Of Numbers. Music Video https://youtu.be/J9cnFnjyJQw Song https://youtu.be/aOFbwqNCQwE https://youtu.be/kfcJkUUJg-4 https://soundcloud.com/societyofnumbers/sets/society-of-numbers I saw the music video for this song during a commercial break during the most recent Toonami, and it caught my attention. The end, -John Jr

Getting Lost In Tennessee

Source: Wikimedia Commons I fell asleep on the living room couch after watching Toonami, and I only recorded part of several dreams at the very end. Dream 1 This dream involved me driving around during the day in the city of D on the main road by W Park, I stopped at one or more … Continue reading Getting Lost In Tennessee

Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five

Source: IMDb What is it? The 2019 American animated superhero movie Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five. https://youtu.be/P_AlCgcH9x0 https://youtu.be/oYp9gCPaeng What is it about? This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this animated movie: The Justice League faces a powerful new threat, the Fatal Five. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman seek answers as the time-traveling trio of … Continue reading Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five

David Duchovny And Pie

Source: Wikimedia Commons Dream 1 The end of this dream took place inside a grocery store, I was there shopping, and maybe some of my family were there shopping with me as well. At some point I saw the actor David Duchovny walking by me with a woman, in the distance I saw a female … Continue reading David Duchovny And Pie