O-Ren Ishii And Energy (Astral) Beings? | A Repeating Hiding Dream

Dream 1 The end of this dream involved something natural and / or paranormal and / or supernatural that I can not remember most of where energy (astral)-like beings (entities) were attacking people, and a few people were fighting back and hunting the energy beings who were attacking. The energy beings were possibly floating balls of light... Continue Reading →


Starring In An Emilio Estevez Detective Movie

I forgot my other dreams after getting awakened suddenly by my alarm, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream. The dream involved a movie that was being filmed, Emilio Estevez was the director and he was also starring in the movie, his father Martin Sheen was also... Continue Reading →

Impostor (2002)

What is it? The 2002 American science fiction movie Impostor that was based on the short story Impostor by Philip K. Dick. https://youtu.be/a1oHpR_7cpg What is it about? This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie: The year is 2079. The earth has been at war with an alien force for over a decade. Spencer Olham... Continue Reading →

Therefore I Am (2015)

What is it? The 2015 Vimeo Staff Pick and psychological thriller short film Therefore I Am by Luke McCoubrey and Peter McCoubrey. https://vimeo.com/129969087 What is it about? This is how the IMDb describes this short film: A mysterious encounter between a man who claims to be from the future and the man that he claims is his former self.... Continue Reading →

Pop Team Epic (An Epic Piece Of Garbage)

What is it? The 2018 so-called anime (animated) surreal comedy piece of garbage television show Pop Team Epic. https://youtu.be/bk-lwhtbVqM What is it about? This is how the IMDb describes this piece of animated garbage: Two high school girls, the short and exceptionally quick to anger Popuko, and the tall and much more calm Pipimi, do... Continue Reading →

Partly Conscious While Dreaming / Daydreaming / Thinking?

I almost got 3 hours of sleep last night, I did not record my dreams, I remember waking up a few times to check the time and trying to go back to sleep to get any more sleep that I could. I possibly was partly conscious during this, at least briefly, where I was possibly... Continue Reading →

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