Cowboy Bebop | A Streaming Media Player

Roku 2021: Which streaming player should you buy?

Dream 1

This dream involved the Netflix live action parody Cowboy Bebop TV show, and another TV show.

Dream 2

This dream involved someone setting up a streaming media player (device), like a Roku device et cetera, that had a USB port that allowed you to play media from a USB flash drive.

“HEAVEN DRIPS” — A Bad Lip Reading Of Dune

“HEAVEN DRIPS” — A Bad Lip Reading of Dune

What Is It?

The YouTube music video “HEAVEN DRIPS” — A Bad Lip Reading Of Dune by the YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading.

Here is the description for this video:

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I sleep
I sigh
Break a date
Then I
That’s a lie
I just sit
Sit and sigh
Look at the cat
Touch it
Shed a tear
Mend a tear
I just sit
I just stare
But sometimes…
I want to meet you
In Costa Rica
Maybe we’ll lay on each other
Pee-pee to pee-pee
You’re what heaven drips mmmm
You’re my heaven drips
(I can see)
I can see it
(The glow in you)
The glow you have in you
(Roll it up)
Roll it up
(‘Cause you’re what)
You’re what heaven drips mmmm
You’re my heaven drips mmmm
Your love is on my mind
But I find that most of the time
I just am
My sum
My love
My sin
I get stuck
On the name
In the end
Still the same
But sometimes…
I don’t wanna miss you
I wanna meet you
Maybe we could do the sex
Please, please, pretty please
You’re what heaven drips mmmm
MMMM You’re my heaven drips mmmm
(Missing you)
I need to see you
(I’m coming ’round)
You live on the avenue
(Rolling up)
I’m rolling up
(‘Cause you’re what)
You’re what heaven drips mmmm
You’re my heaven drips mmmm
Your love is on my mind
But I find that most of the time
Your love is on my mind
But I find that most of the time
I’m doing fine

Music and Lyrics © 2021 Bad Lip Reading

Cowboy Bebop & Heart Discomfort | Cowboy Bebop & A Family Event

Cowboy Bebop | Official Teaser “Lost Session” | Netflix

Dream 1

This dream involved the live action TV show Cowboy Bebop playing, during a fictional scene I started feeling discomfort in my chest, it was coming from my heart & it was happening in the real world, but I could also feel it in the dream.

This caused me to move partly between states of consciousness in & out of the dream, and during this the Cowboy Bebop scenes were speed up & repeated several times.

Dr. Stone (Season 2) (Dr. Stone: Stone Wars)

What Is It?

The 2021 Japanese anime (animated) TV show Dr. Stone (Season 2) (Dr. Stone: Stone Wars).

Dr. STONE Season 2 – STONE WARS – Official Anime Trailer

Here is how MyAnimeList describes this anime TV show:

Senkuu has made it his goal to bring back two million years of human achievement and revive the entirety of those turned to statues. However, one man stands in his way: Tsukasa Shishiou, who believes that only the fittest of those petrified should be revived.

As the snow melts and spring approaches, Senkuu and his allies in Ishigami Village finish the preparations for their attack on the Tsukasa Empire. With a reinvented cell phone model now at their disposal, the Kingdom of Science is ready to launch its newest scheme to recruit the sizable numbers of Tsukasa’s army to their side. However, it is a race against time; for everyday the Kingdom of Science spends perfecting their inventions, the empire rapidly grows in number.

Reuniting with old friends and gaining new allies, Senkuu and the Kingdom of Science must stop Tsukasa’s forces in order to fulfill their goal of restoring humanity and all its creations. With the two sides each in pursuit of their ideal world, the Stone Wars have now begun!

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Traveling & My Brother GC & My Cousin ME & My Uncles JE & CE

I had more dreams that I remembered, but I did not record them & I forgot them, I do barely remember part of two dreams after those.

Dream 1

What I remember of this dream probably took place during the day, and it involved me traveling by vehicle to & around different fictional cities & highways that were familiar to me from some past dreams.

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