People Wanting Documents (Files) Resized & Converted & Printed

Dream 1

This dream involved an African woman who had two two-page documents (files) that she wanted me and / or some other people to resize, convert, and print; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream I was at work at a fictional version of The BP Library, and I entered a windowless carpeted room where several of my coworkers were.

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A Concrete Sun Room | A Visit With My Grandfather CE | JB & Mr. CF

Dream 1

In this dream I was with some people in a building, and we were going to film some scenes for a movie; and the main actress of the film was with us, and my female coworker CR was with us too.

At some point a man walked over as we were trying to film the movie scenes, and he started to bother the main actress.

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Someone Planting Bombs / Explosives

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved some of my family, some of my coworkers, maybe a few other people, and I.

Someone was going around planting bombs / explosives, and I was trying to find the bombs / explosives & disarm and / or report them.

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A McDonald’s & Mercenaries & Giants?

This dream took place in another city, and I stopped at a McDonald’s where some of my former classmates were helping sell non-McDonald’s food.

My former male classmate DH was there with me, and there was a mercenary group there who was helping with voting somehow.

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Recording Dreams In A False Awakening Dream

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a false awakening dream where I woke up in the / a dream incorrectly thinking that I had awakened in the real world.

In the false awakening dream, I woke up still in bed, I got my mobile phone that was next to my bed, and I recorded my dream or dreams in Google Docs.

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