2-3-2009 | Dream Fragment | Cousin From The Past

A boy in a children's swimming pool.

Last night I had a dream with my cousin DW, his dad, and my uncle CE.

I think my cousin DW’s dad came to my grandfather’s house to visit along with my uncle CE.

I believe they saw me outside, so I could not avoid them, even though I wanted to.

3 In 1: The Changing Building And A Man Tortures His Parents

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This dream or dreams I had last night was/were weird.

They evolved around a building that changed in each dream or parts of the dream.

The dream or dreams had three parts.

The first part of the building was a dorm, the second part of the building was an apartment, and the third part of the building was a house.

I will start with the first dream or dream part.

The first part took place at the building in its dorm form, and I was walking around looking at the building.

I walked into an empty dorm room with a lot of windows, and I could see the outside area near the entrance of the dorm.

On the glass I saw racist writings and posters, and I think they were against members of the Jewish ethnic group.

As I was looking at that, a group of students that were probably members of the religion of Islam and some international students from Asia (Asian), came outside of the window pointing at the window.

They were yelling, they threw some stuff at the window, they put some more racist posters up, and they ran like they were going to come inside & attack whoever was in the room.

They probably thought I was the person that used to live there, because they could not see what I looked like exactly from where they were standing, and so I decided to run outside to tell them to stop; and to find out what was going on.

But when I went outside, they had already left, and so I went back inside.

As I was walking up a hallway, the building looked more like an apartment now, and a door opened up next to me.

A man with glasses who looked like the stereotype of a nerd, pointed a revolver at me, and he told me to get inside the room; and so I did.

He locked the door and he told me to stand in the corner of the room, to be quiet, and to not move.

I tried to ask him questions, but he just pointed another revolver at me, and so he now had two revolvers.

In the middle of the room there were two older people, who appeared to be his mom and dad.

They looked scared and the man with the guns, who was probably their son, looked crazy in that calm serial killer way.

The man with the guns started to say bad things about his parents, and he made them do weird things.

It seemed that he was going to emotionally, mentally, and indirectly physically torture them before he killed them; and he was going to make me watch it all. (This guy had problems)

I tried to talk him out of it, but he threaten to shoot me again, and so I thought about attacking him; but I was too far away and he had one gun pointed at me,  and the other gun pointed at his parents.

He made them do a lot of weird things, one of the worse was probably when he made them take some of their clothes off, and he had them get into strange sexual positions. (Thank goodness they still had some clothes on and no real sex happened, either way it was sick & disturbing)

I wanted to look away, but he threaten to kill me again, and so I watched in disgust.

Something else happened that I can not remember, but it had something to do with my DNA; and I think some of my body fluid was in the room somehow, but I am not sure and I am glad that I can not remember.

The man with the guns continued to make his parents say weird things & do strange things like jumping jacks/making strange noises/say bad things about each other/he also had them fight each other/and a few more things which I can not remember; and he would start saying bad things about his parents every so often.

After awhile he killed them or indirectly killed them, I can not remember exactly how he killed them, but I think he made them drink poison; and then he told me to not leave the room for 10 minutes, and then he left the room.

I wanted to get the police, but I was not sure what to do; and I was worried about my DNA being in the room, and that the police would think that I killed them.

I wanted to help them, but it was too late, they were both dead.

I stopped to wait 10 minutes to think about what to do, but I woke up or the dream switched.

This time the building was more like a house, and somewhat like my grandfather’s house.

This time there was only my mom, dad, and I in the house.

It was night-time and my parent’s were trying to sleep, and my mom was mad at my dad about something; so she was sleeping on the 2nd floor, and my dad was on the 1st floor.

They kept sending me to tell the other one something, and between those times, I looked around wondering how we had gotten this nice large house; and I wondered did it use(d) to belong to my grandfather.

The house had a lot of rooms and it seemed very nice, and private; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

The Strange Helicopter | The Vin Diesel Movie | Fishing At The Park

The Strange Helicopter

My first dream took place in my parent’s house during some strange unnatural looking storm.

My family and I were in the house, and the weather outside seemed to be somewhat bad.

Super Mutants

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I think I had this dream about two nights ago, it took place at a woman’s house with her kids.

The woman was the actress Tilda Swinton, and she seemed to be living in a house that was very similar to my parent’s house and it was under some bridge-like ruins.

The outside area was like the video game Fallout 3, except things did not look as bad, and there probably was more plant life around than on the game.

I do not remember much, but I know I was there and she needed help defending her home from mutated creatures; and so I stopped to help, but somehow we both had assault rifles.

We shot some small mutated creatures and probably some ghouls, but then some super mutants came and things got serious.

We defeated the first group of super mutants, but I think she ran out of ammunition and I almost ran out of ammunition; and so we felt that we needed to probably leave to a safer place like a city or something before the next group of super mutants came, but we did not know where to go & we did not have ammunition or enough supplies for a long trip.

She was very worried about her children, who were inside the house, and so I told her that I would stand guard outside; while she helped her children & looked for supplies.

After a while I went inside for some reason, I think it was because I ran out of ammunition after shooting a few more mutated creatures that were trying to attack, and so I needed a mêlée weapon.

I locked the door and went to a room that looked like my room in real life, and as I was doing that I heard a loud noise; and I found a hammer, right as I heard the noise.

I turned and I saw an angry super mutant that had knocked the door down, and it was standing in the house looking forward.

I heard the children screaming and it heard them as well, and so it was going to run to the back of the house to attack them; I was terrified.

Even though I was scared and I did not think I could win, I felt that had to stop this super mutant from killing the family.

So I ran with my hammer in my hand, like a wild human with nothing to lose, or like a soldier that is about to fight their last battle to save the planet or something.

I ran at the super mutant and I started to hit it as hard as I could in the head over and over and over, like a wild man.

I beat that super mutant to death without it even hitting me and it did not even know what hit it exactly, and for some reason it did not notice me running at it, before I attacked it.

After making sure it was dead, I felt that we had to leave now, so I told Mrs. Swinton to bring the few supplies she had found and I told her to bring her kids; and I said that we would have to leave before more super mutants came.

We went outside but I heard a very loud noise, and I felt that it was a huge super mutant standing on the bridge-like ruins over the house; and I felt that it was waiting for us to run out, and so we stayed inside the house until it left.

We managed to find some more ammunition while we waited and then we went outside, and we heard gun shots; and so we got into defensive position(s).

To our surprise, it was another human, and he said that he knew where a city was; and that he would show us the way to the city.

He gave us more ammunition and we started to make travel plans, but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

2-3-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Obama Inauguration

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...
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This is the dream or dreams that I had last night, and I only remember pieces of it or them.

The Obama inauguration was the backdrop of the dream or dreams, and I do not think he was even directly in the dream.

Throughout the dream or dreams, people were talking about the coming inauguration, the parties, Obama, his family, his friends, and his political team.

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