Saturday Night Live (SNL) News + Walmart + The City Of M = ?

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Last night I only remember the end of my last dream, it took place at a fictional Walmart that was on campus at a fictional M.

Some people and I were riding in someone’s automobile in a place that looked like a fictional version of LC, on the way to wherever we were going, I remember that the men in the automobile and I were talking about their past girlfriends or something.

Anyway, we drove to a fictional version of M, but there was a Walmart there, and so we stopped there to go inside.

On the outside of the entrance of Walmart, the Saturday Night Live (SNL) fake news (news satire) skit was being done outside, and Tina Fey and a man were the fake news reporters.

They both were sitting at a news table doing fake news reports, and they stopped to ask people, who were coming in & out of Walmart, questions.

The people I was with and I went inside Walmart, and the entrance was like a bank-like welcoming center or something.

There was a nice area that appeared to be a place to buy tickets or cash checks or something on the left side, and on the right side there were some bathrooms & a few unknown rooms.

I saw a poster on the wall that showed that a WWE professional wrestling show was going to start that day at Walmart.

I had to use the bathroom room and so I went to a door that I thought was the bathroom, but there was a WWE poster on it.

I went inside and the room was like a locker room with urinals, toilets, lockers, and showers.

As I was using the bathroom I heard someone leaving the shower and it was the wrestler Brock Lesnar, he was already dressed so I guess that he had already taken his shower before I got there, and he had put his clothes on or something already because I did not hear the shower going when I walked in; he then walked out of the locker room toward the Walmart entrance.

I then went outside and I saw that ,some of the people I had come there with, were still inside Walmart; and so I decided to see what the SNL fake news crew was doing.

I saw Tina Fey asking people questions while a camera person recorded everything, then they stopped to talk about the next skit, and then they started doing a fake news report again.

Once they took a break I decided to go talk with Mrs. Fey and the crew.

As I was talking with them I felt like walking around the fictional M campus, since it seemed interesting, and so I was about to ask Mrs. Fey if she wanted to walk around & talk with me; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

The Romano Vampire Hideout?

Last night, I had a dream that is somewhat confusing, since I forgot a few key parts of the dream.

I remember an abandoned house connected to an alley with some old buildings in a fictional version of a street in my neighborhood, the front of the house was like my uncle IC’s house, the inside was like a smaller version of my grandfather’s house, and the rest was like an alley in a big city.

My Former Classmate MT Gets Murdered?

The night before last I had a dream that took place in what seemed to be a fictional version of L at a fictional L college.

I was outside of some building that appeared to be a greeting center for people who were coming to the college, there was some construction work going on outside, and it seemed that they were building a trench around the area to hold water maybe.

10-22-2008 | Dream Fragment | The Romano Diner

Diner in Colorado Springs.

I think I had this dream last Monday and I remember that my brother GC, CC, and I were driving to a fictional version of LC I think.

We decided to stop at a little diner on the side of the road, in some fictional area.

Since this fictional area seemed like a very small drive-thru town, as some people like to call them, we were expecting your stereotypical racist country people to be inside the diner; but fortunately we were wrong.

10-9-2008 | Dream Fragment | After A Hurricane?

Cell phone tower cleverly disguised to look li...

Last night I remember most of my last dream, it started with me answering a phone at a fictional version of my parent‘s house that was located two streets to the right of where my parent’s house is in real life.

On the phone was my cousin RE, she said hello & asked me how I was doing and she said that she wanted to talk to my dad.

I took the phone to my dad, who was raking leaves in the yard, and I could hear a bit of their conversation as they talked.

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